Utopia - Thumbnails 1

Some initial concept thumbnails around the topic of "Utopia". So far, this was mainly an exercise in ideation/conceptualization, and the page next to this scan is full of vaguely philosophical notes.

Utopia - Thumbnails 2

Narrowing down the ideas to two and trying out some composition options

Utopia - Concept Sketches (portrait, click to see full pic)

I'm happy with the composition. I might do this one with nibs & ink.

Utopia - Sketch 1 + Lighting Study

I've started the final picture in pencil on cold press watercolor paper and played around with some lighting options, none of which I like so far.

Utopia - fine sketch

This is the sketch I'll be working with for the next stage. The plan is still to do this in in dip ink.

Any recommendations on how to create glare/overexposure around white areas on a black / diluted ink background?

Utopia - ink 1
(still work in progress)

Dip ink & nibs are starting to grow on me. This went really well to draw, no smudges, and almost clean hands!

Utopia - lighting sketch (digital, work in progress)

Just a dirty tryout to see if the lighting I imagined makes sense.

Utopia - ink tryouts

After these I'm really excited to try out ink washes for the last part of Utopia on this 300g/m2 watercolor paper.

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