Now starting Drawabox, part 4 (insects & arachnids). This will take about three weeks with my pace, following the 50% rule of doing one part exercises, one part drawing for fun.

CW: This thread will contain bugs and spiders. Not for the warm-up exercises though - today it's just more penis-shaped sausages. 🍆

Insects & Arachnids 1: Wasp - ink
CW insects

For a first try, this came out quite well. There are some little proportional problems. With the black eyes and markings wasps usually have it would look more realistic, but the exercise says it's construction only, no surface details.


Insects & Arachnids 2: Fire Bug - ink
CW insects

One of those "I learned something" exercises... The basic construction went ok - the torso has a good, hard feel to it. But I completely messed up the front limbs: There are just too many many legs, antennae, trunks, whatnots!

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Insects & Arachnids 3: Dung Beetle
CW insects

He's a cutie. I'll call him Ralf.

Insects & Arachnids: Tarantula
CW spiders

Halfway on her way to work Maria realized she forgot to lock her web.

Insects & Arachnids 5: Crab - ink

"Objection, Your Honor!", Morrice interjected, ruffling through his papers with his right claw. "My client couldn't have known the location of the witness's eggs!"

Insects & Arachnids 6: Praying Mantis - ink

"Alien? Me? Is this one of your Earth jokes?"

(repost for CW:insects, sorry)

Insects & Arachnids 7: Hummingbird Hawkmoth

This little buddy is an insect which looks and behaves like a hummingbird, it's just much smaller - about the size of an child's thumb. The English name is ugly, I prefer the German one: "Taubenschwänzchen", meaning "little dove tail".

Insects & Arachnids 8: Tick
CW Spiders (well, not really, but more spider than insect)

"I grew out of my goth phase when I realized I could just suck people's blood for real."

Insects & Arachnids 9: Dragonflies -ink

CW for insect sex

"Dear - be honest: Your real kink is not complicated positions, but embarrassing trips to the emergency room."

Insects & Arachnids 10 - Ant - ink
CW: insects

That's ten! Hopefully next week I can start working on mammals. Or some more insects, depending on how the review goes...

@lordampersand oh, these make our lives hell right now. Dante (dog) is picking them up every day outside. The drawing is good though!

Thank you! Not a fan of ticks either... All the best to Dante, poor guy!


Your and reminds me of the horror film from my youth "Them" (1954)

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