An alphabet - sketch 1

A family commission, not sure what I'm going to make out of these 28 chaps.

An alphabet - ink 2 + detail (E-H)

I for one welcome our new robot typeset.

If you have any ideas for machine/robot details, let me know. I'm running out of variance!

An alphabet - ink 3

Sorry, forgot to remove the pencil marks on the new letters.

That is such a good font. I like the amount of detail that's gone into each one.

@lordampersand I love this font and I am thinking hard about where I would use it, (how will it be available?).

@me Thank you! I used to do fonts in the mid-90s, so I might publish this as an OTF if there's any interest. As this is a commission, I'll also need to ask my client first if that's ok for them.

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