Rooftops - local color is now done. I'm using a basic light tone and four darker shadings. Tomorrow I'll start with shadows.

I've started shading my rooftops in . Basic local tone is a very light gray for the walls, to which I added the very dark windows as well as a medium tone for various props.

It took some time getting used to Krita, but I like it. I'll finish the local tone work tomorrow and then start working on shadows and highlights.

Drawing tablets with a screen - what do you work with, what are your recommendations for beginners?

Roofs - the outlines are done! \o/

I did the upper third with dark gray fineliners in 0.5 and 0.1mm, but you can see a slight difference in brands (Sakura in black vs. Uni Pin in gray) - not really happy with that, but overall content with the result.

For shading I'm considering going digital to get a little more experience in Krita. We'll see tomorrow!

Roofs, ink outlines (cont.). It's coming together, slowly but steadily. PS: I hate 2-point perspective stairs.

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I must admit I hate visible watermarks in photos. They are not only easy to remove (AI-based tools like in Adobe Photoshop usually do a very good job in such cases), but also spoil most images.

In addition, copyright information can also be stored in the meta data of an image (and is equally easy to remove there). If someone wants to steal your picture, he does so.. the ugly watermark won't stop them.

While I enjoy adding watercolor to my drawings, I can't draw for shit with brush pens when it comes to outlines. So many ruined sketches.

Still, many of my favourite artists' drawing styles really come to life through the power of varying brush outlines (e.g. Mike Alred's or Jeff Smith's).

What's your own experience with that, and do you have any advice on how to get better at it?

Finally some ink outlines for my rooftops. While there's no Waldo here, you can go on the hunt for the many perspective errors I have purposely added... 🙈

Roofs - detail sketch, cont. Now with lots more props: Washing lines, pots & high-beds for plants (thanks @smbsy, @na, @meduz), some antennas & solar panels (thanks @devnull), a half-pipe (thanks @MartinShadok), as well as a swing set, a table tennis set and a pizza oven. 😅

Roofs - detail sketch (yet unfinished). I'm trying to connect all the buildings together in one way or the other. Still not sure what the roofs might contain - I like the swimming pools. Any ideas?

To my surprise, this building outline came together quite nicely, despite all the perspective helper lines I was lost in yesterday. Now for some details on those roofs.

Next step in my city rooftop drawing. AKA "hellish perspective landscape fever dream I'll never escape from". 🤯

I've started a drawing with crammed city roofs. Only the layout so far.

Here's my organic structure with some color. Too bad the scanner couldn't handle the crinkles... Feedback welcome!

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I originally wanted to draw eyes on the end of the tubes... and then realized this choice would likely lead to an unintended nsfw tag. 😅

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I had a dream about this last night. No idea what it is - some kind of organic structure - but I had to draw it. Not yet finished, will add shading tomorrow...

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📓 f.y.i. d.i.y.

as you cannot see through the black carbon paper, it’s good to have a template for tracing. i did a small series of these »Klumpen« pencil drawings some time ago and copied them to a larger format for tracing on A4. The beautiful line accidents still happen while you plough over the paper with the drill. Therefore, the template drawing is rather a rough guideline of how the machine is moved.

#frgmntscnr #fyidiy #wip #drawing #fragment #MastoArt #art

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I did another artist study of Jakub Dvorský's work on "Machinarium".

Dvorský seems to sketch both in pencil and ink and leaves those broad strokes in the final pictures, which adds to the light, haphazard feeling. I realized that a lot of the textures and shading were added digitally.

This is a small part of a long, vertical image in the elevator level of the game.

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When the moon hits your eye like a grid of nine guys, that's a Morris

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