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Girl & Fox - additional detail sketches done during a live podcasting session.

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Despite my initial intuition, there will be no robots in my watercolor project. But a girl and a fox.

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More composition sketches for the watercolor course project. Not feeling it yet.

Which one do you like most?

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I'm preparing for my course project on Japanese watercolor. Most of the work was looking for references, but I did some quick sketches of temples and houses.

Plum tree branches with blossoms in Japanese Sumi-e brush stroke technique (watercolor). The plum blossom symbolizes winter.

That's it for the "four nobles" of Sumi-e. Not sure where the brush will take me tomorrow.

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I need commissions cuz im out of money!!
I'm trans and im an artist and I'm going through some bad times. If you wanna just give me money without commissioning me that would be appreciated..
I am "good" at "art"

Chrysanthemums in Japanese Sumi-e brush stroke technique (watercolor). It's Japan's national flower and symbolizes autumn.

[Click for full pictures]

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Bamboo branches in Japanese Sumi-e brush stroke technique (watercolor). Bamboo symbolizes summer. It's simply a joy to paint like this.

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Moin!/Good morning! -

Grey, dark, overcast, drizzle here at the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. - Autumn.

Off to work.

Have a nice day!

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Orchids in Japanese Sumi-e brush stroke techique (watercolor). Orchids, so I've learned, symbolize spring. Painting like this felt precise, calm, almost meditative.

[Click to see the full pictures]

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Been into the woods again. They're preparing an invasion. Our time is up.

Another watercolor exercise, this time to try out gradients with two colors. I tried to make the best of this mess by adding some shading in pencil... πŸ™ˆ

I've started a Japanese watercolor course - in Spanish. This "design some characters and colorize them" is the first exercise to train watercolor washes (which I definitely need πŸ˜…).

Delta Wing Glider - final ink. Overall, I very much like the composition and also how the mountain turned out. The mountain's shade could be better.

Critiques, tips welcome!

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Detla Wing Glider - redrawn clouds, inked mountain. Still need to shade the clouds.

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