Just come across this genius comic: Jousselin's Imbattable, a comic hero who's power is to break panels!

@lofi this totally looks like a concept for a physics based puzzle game. You'd have different items or something that you arrange on the frames in a specific order so that they interfere with themselves in some way.

@yogthos @lofi It's not quite that, but Framed is close – you rearrange comic panels before the characters autonavigate through them.

@qwertystop @lofi neat, that is a great concept, thanks for mentioning it :)

@lofi I absolutely love the execution on the idea here. There's something about the writing and the art that stir joy.

@lofi Heh, that's a cool one. :D Are there more like those?

@trinsec There's definitely more, but I'm not sure how much more is translated from french. I've got a couple of fan-translations, but only fragments and I'm not sure how well they carry the jokes.

The only English translations I could find are for Kindle on Amazon.
I just ordered a German paperback edition at Carlsen Verlag. There seems to be a 2nd volume on the way, too.
The German translation seems OK, as far as I can tell.
@lofi @trinsec

@trinsec @lofi yes there are at least two 48 pages books here in France.

@trinsec @lofi yes, there are at least 2 books and a lot comics also for free on the internet, but all that I can find are in French sadly. :/ I havn't searched for long though ;)

@lofi Imbattable is a really good comics :). One of my favorite.

@lofi @sean in the sixties, the French comics artist named Gotlib already broke the panel rules in the “Rubrique-à-Brac” series

@lofi That's a great comic, are there any more? And where can I find them?

@lofi Still working out how to use Mastodon. As I was saying...

Every so often, I wonder, "Why the bloody hell didn't I think of that?"

@lofi yep, great series. There's also a guy in there whose «power» is to break perspective

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