Testing out brush pen sketching - it's fun, very quick and loose.

Last night I went to 'circus robotica', one of the local drawing circus events. Basically, a bunch of models in thematic semi-costumes do creepy-circus stories (think Carnivale TV show but with less clothes) and pause mid-story for you to draw.

tl:dr, I love this fucking batshit city.

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Love love loving my new drawing-wall and big-format charcoal drawing!

I finally finished my 'make a huge drawing board so I can make big messes' project!

Protip: when your queen starts wearing outfits this goth, start a republic.

Felt like a change of medium, went for some acrylics over the weekend!

Plus, I even remembered to put it up on Etsy: etsy.com/uk/listing/690370508/

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Kickstarter is 100% funded! So (unless I make enough to hit my first stretch goal) any extra backing will go towards helping me get a new laptop, which I've needed for like, a year.
Here's today's illustrated haiku! It's one that I've wanted to draw for ages now, since early on when I started the project.

Did my first yesterday, exploring an old cement factory. It was so cool, I kept expecting The Law to show up and cause hassle, but nope! I felt like a STEALTH NINJA. I was not stealthy.

Last of the D&D characters from the stream - Iris, the scared sorceror.

Stream is live tonight 8pm uk time: twitch.tv/sellpengm

Keeping up the character art - this time Freya, the noble rogue with the survival instincts of a kitten on bath salts.


More character art! Niamh (pronounced 'neeve', because celtic languages are weird), a crotchety water druid.


Character art for Viking-D&D-stream. Jorg, the accidental paladin.

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speaking of theoretical physics, i havent posted this ink drawing of a value-inverted black hole i drew a while back in a while

Finished up the map I've been working on for a friend's RPG stream! Give the stream a look, they're a great crowd - having an actual voice actor for a GM is amazing!


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