Been wathcing a ton of KitBoga's scambaiting streams lately, and got inspired!

prompt list email arrived! Then I deleted it by accident.

My entry for an art competition - the brief was to design a sci-fi or fantasy book cover from a list of titles. I think this is a light sci-fi comedy, Sliding Doors meets Red Dwarf.

I know I'm a proper artist because friends bring me their random shit to draw.

It's definitely summer now, I can tell because I was outside drawing things! :)

Who's a goth? I'm a goth. Are you a goth? Goth. This is a vanitas, a type of painting contrasting symbols of death with those of wealth to suggest the futility of pleasure, wealth, all that stuff. Pass the red wine and clove cigarettes.

I did my first art stream today! I asked for prompts and got 'robots' and 'cats', so I decided to combine them.

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I’m never going to be a mother,
I do not have enough apologies in me.
The tear and rip of the world
needs more than bandages on the knee,
I cannot fathom loving anything as much
as the absence of this hurt - I cannot fathom
loving anything so little as to give them
the world.

New game: "scifi or haute couture?"

Drawn from Michael Hazzard's brilliant photo.


Sketching at... Well, it was meant to be at a nearby WW1 fort, but they were charging to get in and I'm suuuuper broke, so I just bummed around the nearby port.

Testing out brush pen sketching - it's fun, very quick and loose.

Last night I went to 'circus robotica', one of the local drawing circus events. Basically, a bunch of models in thematic semi-costumes do creepy-circus stories (think Carnivale TV show but with less clothes) and pause mid-story for you to draw.

tl:dr, I love this fucking batshit city.

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