I've finally got my new site up and running where I can put all my weird apocalypse stuff. It’s hideous and I love it very much.


Who doesn't love the kiss of the summer sun on your skin, the vital warmth it brings. :)

Toxic Surfboi

I'm really pleased with the water/goop/lighting sfx on this dude, it's very anime in a way I can't put my finger on.

Really fun Star Wars commission - an RPG character who's as much machine as meat.

Do you know what a Binturong is? I didn't until I was commissioned to draw one! They're big and fluffy and amble about the rainforest being adorable. Oh, and they smell like popcorn. I'm not totally convinced they aren't a pokemon.

Working on my digital painting - I've still not got a workflow I'm 100% happy with, even if the results are starting to please me.

Got a new tablet, so I've been getting my digital art on while I hide away in my bunker.

So I'm like 'bad news, road blocked' but then 'good news, giant rat'. :D

A skull! I was feeling wiped out after a hard commission, so I got my goth on to relax and did a SKULL but BRIGHT.

Really happy with how the colour layering came out.

I mean, I still can't skate for shit, but at least my deck looks sweet, right?

Just a quick one today - a watery palette for a wet-haired dude!

I took a really nice pic of my cat, so I decided to do it as a portrait!

Tasty tasy pop culture. I'm really enjoying The Mandolorian atm! Realistic colours are /so/ not my thing, especially Yoda's baby-poop colour!

Keepin up with the gouache practice, still loving it. Tried a more comic style with this one, and I'm really pleased with how it came out!

More gouache practice. 10x15cm from photo. Does anyone have any advice on getting smooth gradients with gouache?

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