So I'm like 'bad news, road blocked' but then 'good news, giant rat'. :D

A skull! I was feeling wiped out after a hard commission, so I got my goth on to relax and did a SKULL but BRIGHT.

Really happy with how the colour layering came out.

I mean, I still can't skate for shit, but at least my deck looks sweet, right?

Just a quick one today - a watery palette for a wet-haired dude!

I took a really nice pic of my cat, so I decided to do it as a portrait!

Tasty tasy pop culture. I'm really enjoying The Mandolorian atm! Realistic colours are /so/ not my thing, especially Yoda's baby-poop colour!

Keepin up with the gouache practice, still loving it. Tried a more comic style with this one, and I'm really pleased with how it came out!

More gouache practice. 10x15cm from photo. Does anyone have any advice on getting smooth gradients with gouache?

Gouache is /hard/! Gonna need lots of practice I think. It's really fun though, so that's no great hardship.

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UK politics, my violent head-lopping illustration 

Also my new favourite drawing surface is scraps of giclee prints.

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New game: stick bits of coloured paper in a nice arrangement on a page. Then (only after the first bit!) find a random model and make them fit your arrangement!

Also I'm really happy to finally be in a place where I can get some decent work done again! :D

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My room is painted all white, which is nice and airy, but feels _cold_ with winter-blue light. So I decided I'm going to do some paintings in hot colours to try and make it a bit more cosy.

Practicing my brush inking - it's difficult! I think I'm slowly getting better though. I used to dread inking, now I enjoy it, which helps a lot - as I've been making more art, I'm less terrified of messing up any one picture.

31 - "Tasty"

:D All 31 done! Congrats to everyone else who managed the full month!

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