Also I'm really happy to finally be in a place where I can get some decent work done again! :D

My room is painted all white, which is nice and airy, but feels _cold_ with winter-blue light. So I decided I'm going to do some paintings in hot colours to try and make it a bit more cosy.

Practicing my brush inking - it's difficult! I think I'm slowly getting better though. I used to dread inking, now I enjoy it, which helps a lot - as I've been making more art, I'm less terrified of messing up any one picture.

31 - "Tasty"

:D All 31 done! Congrats to everyone else who managed the full month!

Oh! I was so excited about my fancy prints that I forgot to post yesterday's pic! Have a belated 30 - "Catch"

I posted a while back that 'tasty' has been my favourite Inktober pic so far, so I made a neat version of it, and got some really nice prints done.

I got them back today, and they look great! Check them out and get your own limited edition print from the shop:

29 - "Injured"

Her expression was hella weird in the reference, I can't tell what she was thinking.

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Yakkety Yak is so happy that you boosted, favorited the picture. Yak decided to make a photo session so you can have a wallpaper for personal use. 📸 #art #illustration #mastoart

26 - "Dark"

So brooding! I can almost see this being in an intro credits sequence.

25 - "Juicy"

This is my favourite so far, I love the super-designery thing it's got going on.

23 - "Ancient"

Markers and Ecoline. Allegedly this robe is Qin Dynasty style, though your guess is as good as mine how true that is.

21 - "Treasure"

Yarr! I felt like changing things up a bit, and going full chiaroscuro.

19 - "Sling"

Tried inking with just brush pen on this one for a more organic feel.

18 - "Misfit"

After yesterday's floaty mess I wanted to do something more solid, and I feel loads better for it!

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