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I don't talk much about my OC's outside FR, but here's Gabriel, or Red Wolf as he's often called by others for being redhead, hairy, and mean. He has a lot of burn scars on his body and he lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, trying to write a book and keep people away. Super original :P

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Trying to imagine what my OC's would look like with actual clothes on (for a change :P) And also trying new ways to sketch things. Liking this one, simple, fast, and works its purpose.

Personal rambling, depression and other stuff 

Eudoxia and Orestes, and a pair of portraits that are meang to go together. The type I would imagine hanging on their office walls. They're both quite a bit older here. Eudy has some more visible battle scars and Ori has lost a limb. But despite that they're happier, more stable versions of themselves.

I went from back to Tootdon from Fedilab. But I'm also resigned to my fate that at some point my masto apps just stop working with no reason at all.

Okay so new laptop. It's a bit... ok no, it's a complete monster. But I can still fit an idle Cintiq and a cat next to it. I have so much capability for my normal hundred layer art mess but actually, writing has been my thing lately. Like... with hands. I've been writing with with actual pen on an actual paper. It's been awesome o.o

Wheee I got my new laptop but I've been slow at setting anything up and art hasn't happened in a looong while. But anxiety drove me back to the comforting, warm, and strong arms of Stardew Valley so take a sketch of Sebastian, likely unable to sleep bc he's stuck on some bug he can't catch

For more soIid specs, I need RAM bc the computer I use can't become a stress of watching what program is open and how many Iayers in art for me. That means 16GB or go home. And i7 processor. I took a peek at Lenovo Legions and whiIe those Iooked nice on paper, I'm just too aIIergic to Lenovo, sorry. Means I'm pretty insistent in either RoG or Predator for now.

And 17 inch screen is a must as it's my primary (onIy) computer, I don't have reading gIasses, and 15 reaIIy is too smaII.

See here the sad state of my "trusty" Iaptop. Iong story short, the hinge stiffened, broke the Iid frame, the hinge won't Ioosen, and so the cover can't be cIosed again. And I'm in a market for a new Iaptop.

This one is MSi and I'd rather not get one again, but if there is one made of metaI then by aII means. Rn I'm mostIy considering between Asus RoG and Acer Predator HeIios. I need it for games, graphics, and not thinking about what I have open. Any recs?

I got a story idea. It has cats. And bunnies too. And other animals. But I love cats. I'm trying to just get a feeling of the period and drawing animal characters but those lavender eyes look so nice that I think I will keep them.

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Vent art, blood 

The weapons of doodling. I will honestly doodle with any ballpoint pen but these are my favs mainly bc they just never seem to dry like other pens.

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I have surgery in a week, but in the meantime if anyone wants an icon drawing in this style for $15 message me or email me.

When was the last time I drew a human? Is this human? What is human? We just don't know. But damn, my phone did a good job with nothing but candle light.

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fixed something and added cat inspired teeth, so im reuploading lol sorry for the mess
Basically I wanted to think about more realistic monsterish teeth for humanoids that would be more than "sharp canines" but still would make some sense
Critique/opinions welcomed
Next thing I want to do are claws def

Getting neater, drawing by drawing. The first one is literally just crumpled pocket paper, left over from a pub quiz last week. For the rest I at least managed to dig out my purse moleskine, even if the pens stayed the same :P (they give me happy accidents, I like them)

Hiip, doodely art. Stuff has happened and art has not but I got a new phone with a stylus so I'm trying to just doodle more. And someone gave me a ballpoint pen the other night... Also, new OC's, Oseanis and Nidoreia

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