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I don't talk much about my OC's outside FR, but here's Gabriel, or Red Wolf as he's often called by others for being redhead, hairy, and mean. He has a lot of burn scars on his body and he lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, trying to write a book and keep people away. Super original :P

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Trying to imagine what my OC's would look like with actual clothes on (for a change :P) And also trying new ways to sketch things. Liking this one, simple, fast, and works its purpose.

I got a story idea. It has cats. And bunnies too. And other animals. But I love cats. I'm trying to just get a feeling of the period and drawing animal characters but those lavender eyes look so nice that I think I will keep them.

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The weapons of doodling. I will honestly doodle with any ballpoint pen but these are my favs mainly bc they just never seem to dry like other pens.

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I have surgery in a week, but in the meantime if anyone wants an icon drawing in this style for $15 message me or email me.

When was the last time I drew a human? Is this human? What is human? We just don't know. But damn, my phone did a good job with nothing but candle light.

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fixed something and added cat inspired teeth, so im reuploading lol sorry for the mess
Basically I wanted to think about more realistic monsterish teeth for humanoids that would be more than "sharp canines" but still would make some sense
Critique/opinions welcomed
Next thing I want to do are claws def

Getting neater, drawing by drawing. The first one is literally just crumpled pocket paper, left over from a pub quiz last week. For the rest I at least managed to dig out my purse moleskine, even if the pens stayed the same :P (they give me happy accidents, I like them)

Hiip, doodely art. Stuff has happened and art has not but I got a new phone with a stylus so I'm trying to just doodle more. And someone gave me a ballpoint pen the other night... Also, new OC's, Oseanis and Nidoreia

Is it legal to marry a Frans Hals painting? "Asking for a friend"

I missed all the secret Santa stuff so to make up I'm doing not-so-secret Janta :3 Because January. And who's my most important Ice dragon? Well it's Ori, ofc! Perfect fluffy Janta~

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as 2018 draws to a close, here's a look back at the first #mastoart i ever did, as the twitter exodus of august breathed new life into the platform

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Also, I've done this for two years no, time to see if I can break that one month barrier. Haha

I'd suggest using if any of ya'll join in this mess.

I'm on @brownhare now to post the stuff I don't share here. Equally slow to post in there as I'm here but anyways 🙃

A tree and some presents, a thing I made last minute yesterday with fake branches, tree baubles, and lights, and lastly my gift this year and me immediately making it my own by customizing~

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