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Trying to imagine what my OC's would look like with actual clothes on (for a change :P) And also trying new ways to sketch things. Liking this one, simple, fast, and works its purpose.

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One page of Claymore fanart, drawn in ink + washes.

I'm going to try drawing an Abyssal One next time. 😱

One Tundra dragon in his natural form.

Someone made me draw my fluffy boy blow dried. POOF.

Okay, I have some tiny amount of confidence in my ability to draw fluffy things with pencils, but scales are a nope. Painting on the other hand, scales are a OK but I have no idea how to do fur and I'm going bonkers trying to figure it out O.O

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Mr. Kiwi, teach me how to smile...

It's really weird seeing tumblr notifications pop up when a single person is going through the blog you post art in, liking and reblogging every other art except the ones made by you, and then still gives you a follow at the end of it. Like... ???

Hello yes I managed to do some pretty decent looking scales~

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The fictional and real lives of a Siberian .
I'm not trying to make a statement: mr Coda Corta was adopted and he is an allochthonous animal here were I live.
Also if you want a portrait of your pet: commiss.io/pollomostro

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Body Horror (mild) Show more

'tis finished~

Two people wearing carefully constructed personalities that are opposites and incompatible, yet it's like looking into a mirror once you take that protective cover away.

I accidentally made myself a new phone background. The flats on the piece I am working on just looked really nice.

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CW: mermaid tits

Red light doesn't reach the lowest depths of the sea, so red creatures are practically invisible.

Not sure how that works when the sea's pink, though

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Black and white inked drawing of a male humanoid character holding a weapon and facing a monster in a fantasy setting. Show more

Gift for a friend. Return gift actually, they drew my OC first. Pic is a bit naughty but not really nsfw. Just a dancer with his chair :P

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Done! Now I just need to seal and varnish :) Posca paints for the base colours, Iris acrylics for the 3D blobs, Pentel DualMetallic pens for the metallic dots. #mastoart #creativetoots


Even a messy head of hair can have an accidental perfect ringlet. Not intentional on her part though as Eudoxia's main hair care philosophy is to cut off any tangles. Cutting it all short has been suggested but she likes that it keeps her neck warm bc she gets cold very easily.

This child of mine is very hard to draw straight from the front without making his head look like a balloon. Anyway, I was going to ink but that didn't look right so pencil line it is.

New art supplies always look dangerously delicious :3~~ ~