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Trying to imagine what my OC's would look like with actual clothes on (for a change :P) And also trying new ways to sketch things. Liking this one, simple, fast, and works its purpose.

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I'm so proud of my design and how it was actualized! It took months of back and forth, but it's finally just as adorable as I conceptualized and I can't wait to have it with me at the gaming table.

I tend to disappear from some social medias when I'm not making art, like the worth of my presence is only in what I can make. But these platforms are social, so I really should stick around and be social. And share other content. Stop thinking of me, the person, as unwanted.

Inktober is over and it feels weird seeing people feeling the need to give reasons and excuses, or even apologize for "still posting inks" like???

I hurt my hand and have been unable to draw for a while, so I'm starting again with some very light sketching. I don't know what happened to my scanner overnight tho, since the second wip just wouldn't scan right.

I'm a whole week behind with my inktober but I also have the flu so whatever

Managed to make a couple of kinktober drawings with less of... things. The first one has some biting and blood though so there's that.
If it seems like my characters suffer from serious same face it's bc it's canon and AU versions of same peeps :P

Yes, I still have a working scanner. And yes, I'm too lazy to use it so potato photos. But here, new OC's Even Aramal and Lithia (of no family.) Even is a Karakka, a mix of jackdaw and a troll, and Lithia is Karni, an elf and griffin. They're actually about the same height but Even's tail might make it hard to picture.

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Been offline for a while, very much not felt like art at all. But I'm doing inktober this year. Or actually kinktober. So not posting too much of that here, unless it's not too explicit.

I joined World Anvil though. Been developing a new world and new characters. There's not that much of that yet, but you can check it out if you want to

Return of the colours I don't usually work with. With vengeance! So 🍌

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I haven't done stuff with actual pencils in quite a while. I have so many pencils, yet couldn't quite find the right colours. How is that exactly? :D

Gaoler from hairless to Tundra level grooming to full fur. Just because~

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Some pixel art to try something new.

I'm doing some simple illustrations to a lore story I'm writing. It's written in journal format, with the writers making notes about new things they've learned. That means studying this new interesting creature that they just met (each other)

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