telegram stickers with sexy themes 


This month's sticker is Polaris, a ferocious polar bear to guide you through the new year. Like last month, those who are Cane members by January 25 will receive this sticker!


Howdy, I'm once again open for !

Email, DM, or submit a quote on my website to nab one, and see full info and ToS here:

If you have questions feel free to ask. Thanks for taking a look! 🐻✨

I actually did enough art this year to do a summary! thank you everyone who commissioned me, it's been a wonderful year for art and I can't wait to see what next year brings!

Telegram sticker commission for toparthebull on FA! originally posted to Patreon almost 2 months ago

Telegram sticker commissions for! originally posted to Patreon like 3 months ago

10 days left to join or upgrade and get this foxxo! If you're currently a Cane member, you're all set. If not, consider it! I want to make monthly stickers (either exclusive or Very early access) a thing for this tier going forward.


older (September) commission for, gifted by!

Telegram stickers for FlashtheOtter on FA! originally posted to Patreon about 2 months ago, woops 💦

Howdy! I'm sending this Arctic Fox sticker to anyone who's a Cane-tier member of my Patreon before December 25. If you're not a member yet, please consider becoming one - you'll also get early access to art, progress posts, and other fun stuff!

💫🐻 🐻💫

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