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Hello, I'm new here, and I'd like to share here my latest study.

This was based on the many feminine concepts for a . The more known and , from Greek mythology, and the Roman , but also the Sami , the Hawaiian , the Aztec , and the Brazilian .

Made on paper with paints (and a ballpoint pen too).

to show I'm still alive. Just had a couple of rough and busy days, but things will probably get better now. This is going to be a (late) birthday gift to someone I love dearly.

here's a crop of augusts wallpaper on patreon, if you like the comic this is the best way to support it! 🌙🌑

As the old tale goes, koi who persevere up the waterfall become mighty dragons.

Fang-Hua/芳花 Will bring you good fortune too, if you haven't been an asshole. But she's pretty forgiving...

hallo! i'm val
i like silly things
and being silly
especially with friends😙
i always playing game and music
my head is always bread
😁 thank u for seeing

You are allowed and encouraged to gush about the things you like on here

Kinda pointless to say this since no newbie will see it before doing it but: is not that large: if you come in and dump every bit of your back catalog, you will overwhelm the local timeline. At best, folks will only give your last post or two a look. At worst, folks will mute you. (If you're lucky, we'll remember to unmute you later). Pace yourself.

Making another thread to showcase my Horroscopes, a pin-up series of horror themed zodiacs I created in 2018. 🌌

If you found something you like, you can shop them at my Redbubble store 🌌

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