Inktober Day 16: Wild

Digital ink this time, based on reference:

Whew, halfway through and this is the first time I've opted for digital. I'm feeling a little fatigue from the challenge, but I think part of it is my limited traditional inking supplies.

@lithiumreflections I struggle with this a little. Scheduling is the big problem for me, but I'm having to choose between tools that I can do expressive linework with and tools that get the job done fast, and it's started to wear on me. With digital, I can do both!

@reinderdijkhuis Yup, same! I really do enjoy working traditional in this - it's a huge swing off the norm from me - but I really don't have much in the way of tools or comfort for that matter. xD End up hunched over my sketchbook on a desk, which kills my neck, sometimes annoy my wrist, etc.

But I have been learning more about technique and self expression, so maybe I can start translating that to digital again.

@lithiumreflections That too, and with my aging eyes it's sometimes hard to position myself to where I can see what I'm doing AND make smooth arm movements. Plus my favorite ink media is actually a nib pen and india ink but I don't use a light box and dislike working in non-photo blue, so I have to wait half a day before I can erase and scan, and even then it turns out that the ink isn't really dry enough to go to the next stage with. But it's all worth it to maintain/develop the skill.

@lithiumreflections From last year, I know that I will keep doing traditional pages for a little while after Inktober, but it'll taper off and by January I'll put the inks, pens and markers away until the next October. By then, though, I will have learned a few things and practiced some things I'd otherwise have forgotten. And my Pixelfed & Instagram look really nice right now.

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