Whew. The love and art is so real right now! I hope you lovely artists find a home here.

I think we're all overwhelmed by all the new people, the server hiccups (thanks Curator et al for helping with all of that!), and of course, that on top of all the new people that we want to follow and check out and hug and welcome is just adding to the vibes right now!

Want to Toot out a few things that I hope can be a help:


We LOVE image captioning here. We are very pro captioning. It can be hard to get used to doing so on a regular basis. I highly recommend following @PleaseCaption

This bot is very non intrusive and will just DM you if you forget to add captions. If you do, you can just delete-and-redraft and add captions without losing any of your info!

(You can find "Delete and Redraft" under the ... icon on your toots.)

Another helpful bot is @selfcare - following them will add their little toots to your home feed which cycle through helpful reminders to stay hydrated, to love yourself, etc etc. It's a lovely little thing to have!

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When composing a toot, you will see a "CW" button. This toggles on the "Content Warning" status. You can then input a custom warning, and everything in your toot (plus the media you attach) will be put under a "Read More".

You can also just hide the images themselves, by marking the media as sensitive (a checkbox that comes up once you've uploaded some images to your toot.)

Common CWs here are nudity, gore, nsfw, food, and eye contact. Don't be afraid to CW - many of us DO look!

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Your "Home" feed/column only features people that you follow across all of Mastodon (not just mastodon.art - you can follow anyone on any Mastodon 'instance'!).

Your "Local Timeline" features everyone in the instance's toots - in our case, everyone in mastodon.art! So you can always have a lovely feed of art to look at.

The "Federated Timeline" shows ALL THE TOOTS of everyone using Mastodon, except for any instances that our moderators have blocked. Use with caution.

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Hashtags work here like on other social media! CamelCase hashtags are encouraged: that's when you capitalize every first letter in the hashtag for accessibility.

Common hashtags around here are MastoArt, art, OCs, introduction, FanArt, along with CW tags like gore, nsfw, furry, furryart, etc... the sky's the limit really!

Speaking of that - all art is welcome here! Crafts, ceramics, music, video, traditional, digital, 3D, games, writing, poetry... if you create it, we want to see it!

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Anyway we're all a helpful and friendly bunch so if you ever have a question feel free to just shout it out into the void. Local lets us be more than just a bunch of artists using a platform - it lets us be a community. And that's SO important.

Welcome again, and I can't wait to see even more of your art!

*flees back into hiding and apologizes for a little bit of thread flooding*

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@lithiumreflections why... food?? And.. eye contact as in eye contact in a selfie or eye contact in a drawing???


Food is primarily for two groups: those who have eating disorders, and those who may be on a religious fast.

Eye Contact: Either selfie or drawing. Basically direct eye contact as it can be unsettling for certain individuals.

@lithiumreflections oohhh ok! That makes sense, its really nice that you guys take so many things into consideration so nobody feels uncomfortable here. Thank you! I will have that in mind when i post 😊

@kros_artt Yes! :D Both of those CWs were new to me too when I first joined here. But I have always seen so much consideration.

I forgot to add but we usually CW politics too (uspol, ukpol, etc). Not all, but basically if it might stress someone out it might be worth CWing!

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