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I'm Jay, though many call me Lithium or Lith for short.

I'm a professional artist "on the side," specializing in 2D illustration. My subjects are usually animals or nature, though I'm also fond of doing abstract radial art.

I'm also a hobby photographer, providing my photos as CC0 for creatives to use.

You can find links to my Ko-Fi, Artist Shop, Commissions, Gumroad, and Archive.Org Library at my Carrd link!

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Opening up some B&W avatars for a short while, capping slots off at 15 because I don't want these to interfere with my current queue.

$7 each, Paypal & CashApp accepted

Basically an unexpected cost came up but I really want to treat my husband to dinner for his birthday :( I'd like to not pay a bill late just so I can do it

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I need to clean all the lint and whatnot off it (those frills just grab *everything*) and take better photographs but FOLKS, THE PURPLE CROWNTAIL DRAGON IS DONE.

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Two li'l leafy autumn dragons.

There would be three but I misplaced one of the green one's headleaves and I don't want to sacrifice another green leaf to replace it until I'm sure it's gone.

Rough tiger sketches.

Had to spend several days off the tablet because I took a fall and braced with my drawing arm. Muscles are mostly good now, just a wee bit achy.

Tiger study/sketch

(had such a rough time doing this one, but I've had a rough day and it likely carried over)

I was just randomly thinking about this last night because some of my latest sketches are getting some really positive reactions from people, and I'm like "it's just a sketch there are errors and I'm just learning!" and I'm seeing that growth from my time as a baby-artist, emotionally as well as technically.

My sketches are now often at that point I'd point and gasp when I was a baby artist. And so I'm proud of myself, but I'm also gaining understanding I wish I had back then.

When I was a baby-artist, I used to look at people's self-proclaimed "doodles" and "sketches" and have that cringey reaction of "OMG how could you call that a doodle/sketch it's magnificent!?!?!?"

What I've learned since is that "doodle" and "sketch" don't act as negative descriptors of art, nor are they indicators of skill or talent.

More roughly, a "doodle" is just a loose drawing for fun, and a "sketch" is an attempt to practice and hammer down details, form, etc.

One project down, but I have to keep it under wraps for a month now! ahhhgh.

Anyway I'm really proud of it and can't wait to show y'all.

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Remember that fabulous octopus? It’s up on my teepublic store now. c: It is currently on sale now for only two days!!

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Princess Axterminator, master dual-wielder of a magical battle axe and a totally normal hand axe! It's usually the hand axe that lands in the face of her enemies.

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Fished a microbe illustration. That was a really fun and relaxing thing to do. Colour versions coming...

Secured some illustration work for the next month or two, yay. It will be a much needed distraction and extra cash right now.

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Excited sounds! Someone bought a mug from my shop featuring the new Stick Pony Legends: Pegasus design! And it looks so so good.

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‪My dog needs surgery very soon, so I’m offering commishes at a big discount to offset the cost, (including tattoo design commissions!) nab one while they last! ‬

‪Signal boosting would be appreciated!‬

‪✨ ✨‬

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