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I'm Jay, though many call me Lithium or Lith for short.

I'm a professional artist "on the side," specializing in 2D illustration. My subjects are usually animals or nature, though I'm also fond of doing abstract radial art.

I'm also a hobby photographer, providing my photos as CC0 for creatives to use.

You can find links to my Ko-Fi, Artist Shop, Commissions, Gumroad, and Archive.Org Library at my Carrd link!

Miscellaneous North American wildlife sketches (referenced from trail cams)

More lion sketches
(Aaron Blaise courses)

These feel so scrawny compared to others but honestly this is one of his early courses and he had a bad habit of going too fast and working too small on screen.

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Just a reminder that my commissions are opened!
Portrait 20€ + 10€ for additional character
Half body 35€ + 15€ for additional character
Full body price depends of the complexity of the pose.
Basic color is an additional 20€.
Thanks a lot! ❤️

Okay... I'm putting Inktober on pause. Maybe for good, maybe not.

What I do know is that I'm restless and want to do more of my own art and training, and with the limited time I have for art, I've got to choose.

That said, I really do want to try to take more time to play and experiment with traditional art stuff.

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Inktober Day 16: Wild

Digital ink this time, based on reference:

Whew, halfway through and this is the first time I've opted for digital. I'm feeling a little fatigue from the challenge, but I think part of it is my limited traditional inking supplies.

Inktober Day 15: Legend

A unicorn wandering in a winter forest. Just a single ink this time; still feel the pages I'm using are a bit small for these brush pens but I feel like I had better control.

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Aryuz, an explorer who makes it her goal to visit a forgotten colony.
She's got some fancy eyesight, isn't really one for fisticuffs, and she's blue.
You can't really see it with the black ink.

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