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I'm Jay, though I generally go by Lithium in many online communities. My primary job is not as an artist, but as an editor overseeing two gaming websites.

However I have shifted from hobby to professional digital artist in the past year! I primarily draw animals and nature stuff, illustrative/cartoonish style. I am also dabbling in pixel art.

Also, I'm a hobby photographer, again with a focus on nature! I'll be sharing both here on Mastodon.

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finicky from start to finish, but it looks alright!

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Here's a couple of little sections from a scene illo I'm working on, featuring a bunch of monsters in a restaurant of some kind. I'll be working on this again Monday morning. Hopefully I'll finish it then...

Description says lower left. I meant lower right. Forgive me my migraine is fierce. ;-;

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comfy fall gecko wants you to take it easy.

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sorta psa.

i guess.

im seeing a lot of political posting. while thats great and debating is good. can we please CW that stuff.

speaking for myself. and maybe a few others. i find political subjects stressful and i like having the option to not see it right off the bat. you know?

Pixelfed looks amazing and all but I want to keep my social media consolidated and I like it here. The more social media accounts I have the worse I am with using them and the more I become overwhelmed. Guess y'all are stuck with my photography here in .art!

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Oh. I will post these though. Have my phone screen , which is currently modified to look like Mega Man Battle Network!

All the buttons work and MegaMan.EXE changes when charging!

Had to do some quick rough concepts to commit the ideas to paper.

Fourth party member is also decided but their species is up for debate.

Had some shower inspiration about a group of animal RPG characters and their (mis)adventures. Oh gosh they're so cute in my head

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oh dang, I keep forgetting to post my stuff here! have some rare fruits!!

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PSA from Erica (@aurahack) on Birdsite:

- support artists you like on patreon
- buy their prints
- buy their merch
- tip when you commission
- donate to their kofi when they do something you really like

the only friend artists have is you because it sure as hell isn't any site or platform on the internet

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So...I make monsters.
Here's a turtle friend.

Graphite on Bristol paper.

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Want wider thiccer columns? Get instant result with our carefully formulated CSS:

div.column:nth-child(2) {
width: 500px;

results may vary. This statement has not been approved by the FDA. May cause drowsiness and other side effects.

Hey mastofam - is giving away a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Not affiliated or entering myself but thought I'd boost the info for artists in need:

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