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I'm Jay, though many call me Lithium or Lith for short.

I'm a professional artist "on the side," specializing in 2D illustration. My subjects are usually animals or nature, though I'm also fond of doing abstract radial art.

I'm also a hobby photographer, providing my photos as CC0 for creatives to use.

You can find links to my Ko-Fi, Artist Shop, Commissions, Gumroad, and Archive.Org Library at my Carrd link!

I'm still on social media hiatus, but I needed to peek in just to squee:

I have a screen tablet, my first display tablet!

Now the struggle is two fold:
1) Getting used to screen work
2) Finding the right tablet stand / height so I'm not giving myself aches in my neck or shoulder.

1 is not so bad. I'm already in love with working from the screen.

2 though... well, let's just say I always struggle with desk ergonomics.

Still! Love you all. Back to hiatus.

I'm going on a social media hiatus to take care of my mental health.

Look forward to seeing your art again sometime soon.

The Last Unicorn piece is now available in the store! Available on apparel, pillows, bath mats, face masks, stickers, magnets, buttons, phone cases, mugs, bags, notebooks, and zip pouches. The sale is still ongoing for 10% off until the 6th!


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en ce mois de juillet (queer wrath month), pourquoi ne pas me passer une commande, à moi, petite artisane queer locale ?

100% de clients satisfaits, déclarée depuis octobre, je prends des produits de qualité et je les transforme en peluches ou point de croix !

RT appréciés

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it was june, so had to draw my unicorn boi allistaire

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To be a kitten living on a couch with hedgehogs ✨

// I hardly ever make two versions of my drawings but it was based on a cute wideo of this cat with hedgehogs on birdsite but I also really wanted to give them the ribbon :heart_sp_pride:

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⚫️Screaming into the Void⚫️

(Me every time I try to do art lately.
Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth😅)


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I redrew a scene from the movie "The Last Unicorn," in an effort to push my style into a full complete project and not just a sketch/study.

I am so proud of this.

At the same time I'm really falling into illustration so I should really look more into that field as well.

I'm just impatient because I'm anxious about the future and very unhappy with the present.

I want to take those steps to further my career in art but also feel like I'm so far from being able to put my foot in the door anywhere.

I refuse to give up, though. I'll find my way, even if I have to carve it from stone with my bare hands.

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I kind of want an art mentor, but I'm not in a place to look for one yet. I just don't quite know where my skills and interests are going to take me.

Video games, probably - but even then there are so many paths and I'm still exploring all of these options to find out what fits.

More than anything I guess I just want a professional to glance at where I'm at and say "Hey I think you should try ___." 😆

But I don't want to be *that* artist so I'll just keep learning + experimenting.

I sent my dad some of my recent art via email and he showered me with compliments and wants to print some of them to hang around the house.

I don't even have the words to express how happy that makes me.

My dad was my role model artistically as a kid, but he made a joke then that killed my self-esteem for 20 years. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out he never realized his teasing would be taken so seriously. I forgave him.

But his compliments are always genuine and informed.

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The Black Trans Prayer Book is an interfaith, multi-dimensional, artistic and theological work that collects the stories, poems, prayers, meditation, spells, and incantations of #Black #Trans & #NonBinary people.

The Black Trans Prayer Book is a tool of healing, and affirmation centered on uplifting Black Trans & Non-Binary people and celebrating our place within faith.

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Western shoreline, blue and black duotone. Robot ballpoint on card.

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Me playing around with paints and a gelpen... So here's the result.

Those stickers on the palette were made from my paintings as well. :)

Not my usual share here but I finished a crocheted cowl. The yarn is cotton so it's warm but not scratchy.

If I had a sewing machine I'd be a bit tempted to line it with fabric so it'd be effective as a mask (since it can be pulled up over the mouth/nose) but eh.


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It's your bud, Sherb! This lad doesn't have an amiibo unfortunately, but he's still a cute bud that's looking for a home!

If there's a villager you want to see an amiibo plush of, leave a comment!

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