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Free photos alert!

I'm generally planning on moving away from dA at some time in the future but I want to make you aware that all of my photos are now CC0, even if they are marked otherwise (dA mass editing is a pain). If you do use them I'd love seeing what you create!

Any photos from 2018 I also have the RAW and TIFF files for and am willing to provide those on request. Alas all the older stuff was lost in a hard drive fire.

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I'm Jay, though I generally go by Lithium in many online communities. My primary job is not as an artist, but as an editor overseeing two gaming websites.

However I have shifted from hobby to professional digital artist in the past year! I primarily draw animals and nature stuff, illustrative/cartoonish style. I am also dabbling in pixel art.

Also, I'm a hobby photographer, again with a focus on nature! I'll be sharing both here on Mastodon.

This week was hell at work, but things are finally calming down. Hopefully will start catching up on some art this weekend.

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Buzz buzz I'm a bee.

Spamming art because I keep forgetting this place exists and I really wanna get back into the habit of posting in here :O

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A posca pen ace unicorn for Pride month :asexual_flag:

I had to use acrylic paint for the grey because my set didn't come with one ^^;

I want to get some skin tone colors (I have a good brown but nothing else) and a grey shade sometime soon.

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Been chatting to someone who does VFX and is hoping to turn it from a side gig into more of a main gig. You can see examples of their work at . If you'd like any VFX done for your project, give 'em a shout. :) They're also contactable on Bookface at .

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Each portrait is $8 and includes a digital pencil sketch with monochrome "color" !

I can do most humanoids, up to and including real people!

DM me for inquiries or questions; If there's something you'd like me to do (add color, a pride flag, etc) I can do so, just let me know!

(Boosts are appreciated! ❤️ )

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New icon by the wonderful and talented @renardroi ♥ Seriously fabulous artist, you should give them a follow and visit!

Pokemon Sword/Shield Spoilers 

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I'm coming to the realization that I'm gonna have to learn how to draw furries to survive Art Fight.

Problem is I can't draw in general so there's that.

I don't need to be *good* I just need to be comfortable adapting them in my own art style.

Character artists of the Fediverse, if you have any tips, I'd really appreciate it!

(I would love to let my budget strings loose a LOT more right now but I can't. One day... one day I might be able to order more art from all the artists I love and adore and want to support.)

Life's rough so I'm gonna let my budget strings loose just a wee bit for a commission. ;-;

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HEY :heart_sp_les3: I'm Sofia and this is my first time on Mastodon! i like drawing colorful fanart + oc stuff!
ALSO i'm taking commissions right now:

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Wohooo!!! I've just finished another tarot card and will release it next week. My lovely patrons ❤️ can already see it on

ICYMI - Here is the latest card "King of Wands", #art #illustration #mastoart #tarot

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sup! I wanna do more portrait commissions this summer :~) they're $35 and full of 1) color 2) texture 3) luv :v)
if you're interested, fershure check out this form on my site ☞ (link:☜
rts always appreciated too! ty

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