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I'm Jay, though many call me Lithium or Lith for short.

I'm a professional artist "on the side," specializing in 2D illustration. My subjects are usually animals or nature, though I'm also fond of doing abstract radial art.

I'm also a hobby photographer, providing my photos as CC0 for creatives to use.

You can find links to my Ko-Fi, Artist Shop, Commissions, Gumroad, and Archive.Org Library at my Carrd link!

Inktober Day 16: Wild

Digital ink this time, based on reference:

Whew, halfway through and this is the first time I've opted for digital. I'm feeling a little fatigue from the challenge, but I think part of it is my limited traditional inking supplies.

Inktober Day 15: Legend

A unicorn wandering in a winter forest. Just a single ink this time; still feel the pages I'm using are a bit small for these brush pens but I feel like I had better control.

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Aryuz, an explorer who makes it her goal to visit a forgotten colony.
She's got some fancy eyesight, isn't really one for fisticuffs, and she's blue.
You can't really see it with the black ink.

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Inktober Day 14: Overgrown

More brush pens, this time a little more traditional style. I kind of let control get away from me and I think my current sketchbook page is a bit small for these pens, but it's fun to do.

Inktober Day 13: Ash

Common ash leaves.

I wanted to experiment with the brush pens to see if my paper would accept water pen/brush work - the answer is no, my paper is dry media only! Ah well, I learned, and finished up the rest.

I mean though tbh I'm really proud of myself for getting/doing so many and sticking with it like this.

It's been fun, and I can see how much I'm loosening up with my art and allowing myself imperfection.

Me: OK I'm gonna get caught up with Inktober , and get XYZ projects worked on...

My body: HAHAHAHA no let's be sick

-_- srsly. srsly body.

Inktober Day 12: Dragon

First day messing with brush pens for Inktober. I realized I have very little idea on how to use them. This was still fun to do, but I definitely have much to learn.

*makes brushpen art*

*forgets they don't really know how to use brushpens*

This just goes to show how unused to doing traditional art I am; I actually have scattered supplies all over but then forget about them oops

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