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Draw Everything June 2018
Pose Challenge! C&C welcome.

What do you think I look like, based on my art?

Do you like when artists post selfies? How much is too much?

Just wanted to share a new art podcast that you've probably never heard of but has literally changed my life. ❤️

If you love dark art / the supernatural / dreams / philosophy / art advice / artist interviews check out the "Dark Art Society Podcast" hosted by artist Chet Zar and film maker Mike Correll

Today I learned: Whether you're doing anatomy studies or still lives, have an "internal narrative". Create a story about whatever you're drawing. Try to have fun with it. When you really get excited and care about your work, it shows!

Hello! This is my take to ! I'm 2D&3D artist from northern Europe, and my all eternal love lies with video games. I do a lot of fanart, but I've been sporting more originals lately as well!

Hi, I'm Emilie 🌙
I like fairy tales, folklore and creepy things, though for some reason I never used to actually draw that kind of stuff so I'm just getting round to it.

I've been chronically twitter-shy so maybe I'll have more luck here?

Here are some bits & pieces~

Re-posting my first YouTube video. It's a spooky speed drawing from Halloween. 🎃