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Wasn't keen on the planets in this one, but I really like how the nebula came out

I guess I should throw at least SOME kind of art on here for anyone passing by!
Here, have some little ink & sepia dragon paintings on coffee stained paper

The oldest prince rode out to thwart the evil threatening the land. He returned, defeated. His younger brother rode out, and also failed.
"Ah... father?" the princess said. "The third son succeeds."
"I only have two!" the king said.
"Father, let me ride."
"Oh? Oh! Ride, my son!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Being able to calligraphy has sent me mad with power!

CW - lots of naughty words here. I'm not marking as sensitive because it's hard to read them just from the thumbnails.

This was supposed to be an hour-ish long practice piece, but I got a bit carried away and three and a half hours later... XD

The green's a bit brighter than I like, it's pretty dark in the bottle. Oh well.

Materials list in the next toot ^.^

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