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Hello Mastodon! I'm a professional artist. I love weird monsters, nature, and storytelling. Follow me for mostly art posts!

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Vampire bat head!
Tattoo design commission

My next two commission spots are taken, thank you!

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Just discovered a new type of spam (phishing?) attack on the fediverse.

Someone has been making accounts with usernames similar to the ones admins of Art Alley have, copying our avatars/headers, and sending DMs to people.

Attacker is using random temporarily e-mail providers and their browser locale is Russian.

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i did a drawing of my monstersona for artfight. their name is Sandro, they live in the lake and collect trash.

Not an art thing, but here's some video clips I shot when I visited the Shedd Aquarium when my parents visited us in June.

If you like fish and you want something short and relaxing maybe it'll be a nice break from the news cycle.

Moth faerie from today's stream! Really looking forward to painting this guy. Based strongly on various species of hawk-moth.

Here's a couple of little sections from a scene illo I'm working on, featuring a bunch of monsters in a restaurant of some kind. I'll be working on this again Monday morning. Hopefully I'll finish it then...

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I've talked way too much today so I'll go back to my introvert cave for the night 🌙
I'll leave you with some more art and wish you all a good night/day

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My thumbs are learning things!

Not this though. Attempting this is still more likely to make me dead than to make me look cool or save my bugbut from spikes.

Motivational crossover fanart I made this weekend when I started to play and was having some trouble getting used to a controller.

Haha, "was." My thumbs have never had so much responsibility.

(No spoilers please! I am playing the game slowly in small snatches of time.)

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Just a reminder that if you are new here and not sure where to start consider making a post with / tag :)

You can talk about who you are, your interests, maybe attach a few examples of your art...

These tags are also a great place to find other people to follow.

Welcome to and to the mastodon network! :)

Cat monsters and fluff monsters were sketched on stream! Thanks everyone for hanging out and keeping me company.

The fluff monsters are from thursday morning, the thumbnail of the illo I'm designing all of these guys for was scribbled before inktober started.

Today on my Thursday morning art stream, I'll be sketching monster characters for a scene I thumbnailed just before inktober began. I'll be finishing one of the bottom right two. I've started thinking of this as "the noodle incident." ;)

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I'm seeing so many people preparing for inktober, making sketches, binding sketchbooks, discussing promt lists and getting ready to INK BIG.
But, I also hear many people being intimidated by that, being worried they won't come up with stuff for the promts and dropped out last years bc of that.
So please, remember: The core concept is, that you build an inking routine. To make it LESS intimidating.
So even if you go through inktober inking a stick figure each day -
You've done a great job! ♥️

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