Here's some more of my #druid from my first post. She's a high elf nelfaboo who is just doing her best -- but not succeeding, so she grows mold on everything she touches

#warcraft #mastoart

smol succubus. her name is lilith ((and after all these years i'm still not sure about her back story)). she has a water spirit girlfriend named undine.

#monstergirl #nsfw #nsfwart #art #mastoart #succubus

How exactly should I boost others? There are so many awesome artists on here but I worry that if I share too much on my page, ppl won't be able to distinguish what is mine and what is not🤔🤔 Thank you for ur help!

Hmm yeah I got invited to this instance by a friend 🤔 so far really happy about the feedback on here. And yes, I'll make sure to do that. Though most of my work is sfw anyway🙈

Oh Yeah you're right. It reminds me of back when you were able to edit someone elses posts on tumblr 😂 I totally get it now. Guess i just gotta make sure not to make any mistakes.

@julloyart Thank you so much! And I didn't know about these hashtags. I'll definitely use them from now on 😊 I just find it sad that a toot gets deleted and replaced when you want to edit it. 😬 but I guess I will get used to it

if there are any things i should know about getting my art out there on this platform, let me know guys 🙈 (apparently hashtags only work with spaces in between aaa)


Oh what? Ohhh shoot Ahaha. Thank you for telling me. I don't have a clue how anything works here. Can I put hashtags in the comments of my post?

hey guys~ first art post in this platform is coming up!✨ it is a wip of from . how did y'all stumble upon #gaming#skin#kdaahri#lol#art#wip#digital#feedback#follow#pts#cute
Thanks! Still trying to get the hang out of this app

Inktober/Goretober 23: Gouge it out. CW: Blood. Umineko fanart. 

🌙 hello i'm leviana. i am currently trying out new art sharing networks. i will be posting my art here and on my linked profiles. (instagram, tumblr and feel free to follow anywhere you like. i post (mostly) sfw fanart. 🌙 #new#smallartist#fanart#artists#follow


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