if there are any things i should know about getting my art out there on this platform, let me know guys 🙈 (apparently hashtags only work with spaces in between aaa)

@leviana A tip that is helping those who "few" your art is always adding an image description (either by using the feature when uploading the picture, or add it later as a reply to the image). Another thing is to use capital letters in hashtags that have more than one word. Like for instance.
And if you didn't know and are common hashtags used by artists :)
Also: You can always quickly click "delete and redraft" if you catch a typo

@julloyart Thank you so much! And I didn't know about these hashtags. I'll definitely use them from now on 😊 I just find it sad that a toot gets deleted and replaced when you want to edit it. 😬 but I guess I will get used to it

@leviana It's one of the best ways to edit it, without taking a context out of a conversion.
For instance when the toot wouldn't get deleted: You have a discussion with someone, and suddenly the context gets changed in those toots after the discussion ended. You might not notice, but someone else reading it might think that you/someone of this conversion is a bad person, cause they don't know the toots had been edited.

@leviana The way mastodon is handling it, may delete the boosts and the connection to comments, but no one can get in a situation like the one I described. Not ideal, but somewhat reasonable :)

Oh Yeah you're right. It reminds me of back when you were able to edit someone elses posts on tumblr 😂 I totally get it now. Guess i just gotta make sure not to make any mistakes.

@leviana boost others and others shall boost you~
Also is probably the biggest~

How exactly should I boost others? There are so many awesome artists on here but I worry that if I share too much on my page, ppl won't be able to distinguish what is mine and what is not🤔🤔 Thank you for ur help!

@leviana Someone can always see your art only by going to your media section. And you can pin some posts on your profile so people always have your art on top~
actually, I should go and do that, I haven't, so far XD

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