New pages of Journey Through Nhau'We are up on Tapas! I really enjoyed drawing these ones! 😊

Also, if you're working on a thing but you're feeling uncertain about it right now, I believe in you!
You've totally got this, and whatever you're making I'm sure it's going to be wonderful 💜

If you're working on a thing that you're super excited and passionate about, I just want you to know that's amazing and I love seeing people make things and talk about the things they're making.
I love seeing how passionate a person is about their projects 💜

A bit delayed, but here's number 12

Accompanying written drabble in reply toot bc it was a tiny bit too long to fit in this toot lol

Hi all!

I recently got back to work on alpaca game and I've been restarting a lot of it from scratch. If anyone's interested in playtesting, I’ve got the build up here for PC or Mac:

If you can find the time to fill out the following survey after playtesting the build, I would super appreciate it! :3 It’s totally casual, answers can be as long or short as you like, and you can skip any questions too :

I drew a fox over some patterned paper I stuck into my sketchbook :)

I realised I’d never drawn any Stardew Valley fanart, so decided to remedy that with a drawing of Shane! :)

Quarter-Page commission for my longtime friend Lillian! She's parkouring to Blockbuster to snatch up all the COUNTER/weight DVDs.

I’ve been developing this elf assassin character for a while. He’s a shit.
And he’s also a bit of a shit assassin.

To shorten the time until the next release of our on April 29, you can still listen (and download for free) our first collection of songs:

Of every pair of the first release, at least one of the musicians will also be featured on the second one, in a different pairing!

Here is a real oldie from 2006! This was actually one of those weird breakthrough paintings where I managed something ahead of my general skill at the time and it took a while after for me to work with high contrast in watercolors consistently.

I made this image for my Patreon launch! You can see the full-size image and a variant for a pledge of $1 or more a month :^)

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