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Ok changing from intuos to surface is extremely unsettling

That's it, I'm getting pokemon shield for that rainbow cutie

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It's finally done! Bleakstead is up on #itchio!
Also, special thanks to @EchoIsTired
for providing a fun easter-egg track! RTs appriciated!
#indiedev #gamedev #horror #horrgame #indiegame #creativetoots #mastoart

That said I might take my witches later and actually rework them

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I'm realizing I enjoy challenges better when I take my time with them :'D

If I was to make an active use of my society6 account, is there anything in particular people would like to see/shop?

My brother: *nags me to help with his last minute homework that needs artistic input*
Me: *sends him a wishlist with Switch games as a payment*

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@lehlatte created some absolutely amazing designs for the main characters of my lesbian dragon romance novel and I just really want everyone to appreciate how good they are

I'll also work digitally since that's what makes most sense for me, it'll help me improve and learn new actually useful techniques whereas traditional art is not something I rely on

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