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New Year Resolutions:

- Stream consistently (M/W/F)
- Exercise consistently (everyday)
- Learn Spanish (finally)
- Learn 3D (finally)
- Weekly Art Posting

Besides the more personal ones ofc :3

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This place has such overwhelming positivity I don't even know how to deal çwç thanks for all the cuteness and sweetness targeted at my art! ❤️


Life needs to chill so I can do something other than being anxious 24/7

Share ur artfights!
In case I don't have you already lol

mod rant, again 

Sometimes I just want to delete all my mods online so I don't have to deal with people making entitled requests. I'm sharing stuff I made for myself, as a hobby, you are not paying me for this.

Are there any good and at least somewhat intuitive software to edit dds? That are not PS of course cause i refuse to pay to make free mods

I never thought I'd be an adept of the "one layer only" style but here I am enjoying it way more than clean lineart + clean filling + separate layers for shading lmao (I do take much muck longer tho)


I was bullied and abused a lot when I was a kid and being "better at drawing" was one of the main reasons, it was also how I learned to let out frustration and expressed my feelings since I had a hard time having my complains heard, so it IS very hard for me to describe because of that relationship I have with what I draw.

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I'm probably not gonna post finished art here anymore and, bear with me, it's because someone gave me some stink over not describing my pictures. Well, here's the thing, describing pictures makes me anxious to the point of avoiding to post anywhere that requires a description (like deviantart n' stuff). So I'm not gonna starting making myself extremely uncomfortable for others as much as I love accessibility. I'll still probably post mod stuff around tho when I get back to it.

Art struggles 

I guess my point is: things that are making your art "easier" or "faster" might also be what is taking your enjoyment away

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Art struggles 

After struggling a lot with style and stuff I finally realized that even though I love how vector layers inking make my work flow much much faster it kinda took away the joy and mindfulness in drawing lol

I'm probably gonna keep that technique for when I have to work fast, but I'm ditching it for personal stuff


Why does it have to be a question in the immigration form? I have absolutely no idea, I'm a complete genetic mutt, give me a none of the above option

I've joined artfol as well! Unfortunately it’s mobile only for now

well shit 

My mom was scammed ~1400usd thru a food delivery app and that's even more to my personal pile of anxiety that's been immobilizing me

I plan on adapting my version to it as a patch of sorts

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Modding rant 

Why? Why are people like thiiiiis?

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Another done-on-stream art, my witch concept for minecraft!

Another art done on stream:
OC Juju having some warm summer beach time

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