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This place has such overwhelming positivity I don't even know how to deal çwç thanks for all the cuteness and sweetness targeted at my art! ❀️


Aaand I am stuck in the US for the foreseeable future due to Delta not being clear about flights to Brazil being cancelled from tomorrow onwards when I rescheduled by phone a few days ago

On another note the uncertainty about my return to home country is stressing me quite a lot (altho at least I’m privileged enough to have a travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and trips)

OMG it's so good to have a pen that actually responds to pressure, I'm almost crying

I wonder if I had the worst timing to visit the US but I was missing my boyfriend dearly and also wanted to grab Animal Crossing (and my new wacom pen)

US was put in the brazilian watchlist for the virus the same day I step here lmao

Hot take: Megalovania is the second coming of Canon in D

Why is it that right after I put my tablet away for trip I get the urge to draw?

When I started posting my art online I remember someone in elfwood saying I was like a Frankenstein for posting shark mermaids and tiger taurs... I wonder if that person survived the internet?


Brazil is a country that, despite having progress written on its own flag, is never gonna see such because it's too worried about taxing technology it's never gonna produce (really, 100% value on stuff and taxing a personal package from my fiance, wtf, and rip my pen, one more month without it)

*searches in newTumbl* okay I instantly regret this decision


I'm extremely low in energy and the last thing I need is someone being condescending about stuff I do T_T

I may have given up on the flower dance BUT

here is auto wedding outfit mod:
(still WIP and only works with my farmer overhaul because i'm that lazy)

And yes I know you can craft outfits now, I've been editing the files. This mod does it *auto* and you can just ignore it

Learning progress with C#: 0.5%

So I just did a farmer flower dance sheet that I'll never use :v


Fuck the current Brazilian Government yo

Fucking nazis

As much as I like mastodon, I still wanted a more "portfolio-like" platform like i did with tumblr

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