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This place has such overwhelming positivity I don't even know how to deal çwç thanks for all the cuteness and sweetness targeted at my art! ❀️

Also RIP me and the new stardew valley update, have to fix my mods completely

And my BF was sweet enough to set a Stripe account on his name so I should be opening for commissions next month (so I can manage paying all the form fees for us to marry otz)

Sorry for the disappearance but I’m spending the whole month with my Fiance until the start of December when I’m getting back to my computer and drawing lots o/

I have no idea why my use of the surface improved 100% when changing to a 2H tip but hey, I won’t complain

This stupid idiot didn’t activate an alternate 2FA for most accounts before traveling abroad so now I’m stuck with mobile for most stuff

Rip my inktober lol I got so tired with everything going on that I completely forgot about it

Should I do an intro post because I never did one @_@

β€’ β€’ gaymergirl

I can't resist puns and I can't resist gay so here is a friend's suggestion from some time ago

β€’ β€’ β€’ Sexy Cake

Obviously carrot cake with chocolate because it's the best cake

I'm adding nsfw tag for my nsfw content in case someone uses any blacklisting extension/add-on πŸ€”

β€’ β€’ β€’ Sp-WA-icy

This came up as a joke about me saying I'd only wear sexy halloween outfits if it was π‘Ίπ’†π’™π’š π‘Ύπ’‚π’π’–π’Šπ’ˆπ’Š

β€’ β€’ β€’ Pillo-WA

A classic side and a sexy side (or I guess both of them are sexy? πŸ€” )

I might be trying to restore my old ass Zazzle account just to make a body pillow

I am a person of extremes
*draws sexy waluigi right after drawing cute baby stuff*

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