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I get easily overwhelmed by interactions like following and liking lol So please forgive me for not interacting back sometimes

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This place has such overwhelming positivity I don't even know how to deal çwç thanks for all the cuteness and sweetness targeted at my art! ❀️

TFW people ask you enough that you put a "yes I draw furries" on your commissio profile

jellyfish and soft nudity art 

I am quite enjoying the result really! I keeps the beautiful unruly patterns of watercolor while doing a pre-selection of a palette for me to paint on

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So I did a small splurge on some watercolor supplies today (Yes, my bedding is color puke stuff, I love it) cause I came up with a "digital painting" technique that isn't full boredom to me: I watercolor some art, run it thru filters (in this case Topaz Simplify) and then paint over it

I love doing commissions but work is eating my time πŸ˜”

Tumblr Fire 

Did tumblr stop with the mysogynistic "female-presenting" bs? I had an old ass post that got uncensored

Where would I even post a design mastersheet in toyhouse? (that site confuses me)

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Being on artfight made me want to create species lol, idk how to even manage them tho

@wyrdautumn is helping me with my comic so it's actually gonna happen πŸ‘€

Is there an art discord for the people to share stuff mostly of this instance? I would love to find a nice group to bounce ideas of etc

Also I'm open for commissions now at! (check profile for link if interested)

How does one get an invite to toyhouse? I might be considering entering the adopt market maybe possibly

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