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Hi! I'm Lee, a hobbyist digital artist, please accept my humble offerings.

I'm currently in the fandom, so stay tuned if you're into gay robots; although I sometimes branch out


"To finish Ajira's report, Ajira needs samples of Luminous Russula, Violet Coprinus, Bungler's Bane, and Hypha Facia. Ajira knows you can find all these on the Bitter Coast”

Tried to color in an ink sketch. Really like the results C:

[Day 30, Jolt]
I was using a plasma globe for lighting reference, love those things

#introductions #mastoart
Hey, I'm Mandy Jacek!

I make games by day, and art by night.
I'm an associate technical artist working at EA Motive. I'm working on my first webcomic, Wander, about a tiny magic robot on an adventure to recover his memories and find his lost friend.

Thanks for stopping by! ✨

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