I spent the morning by a lake and the afternoon in the mountains and exploring some local industrial remains 😊 phone pics for now, camera pics to follow 😊

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Can see our low cloud blanket over the mountaintops in the background, I love how it hangs over :D


Just made this hummus and boy it's good.
I've got the next 10 days off work so I'm planning on lots more walking and healthy eating.
I've had a really busy few weeks and been pretty unhealthy so time to get back into a healthier regime 😊

Beetroot, hummus & crispy chickpea sub sandwich

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Bills, Cancer, Thank you, Still asking for help but not quite as urgently for now 

Check it out, we're paid up for now. Thank you, everyone.

We'll have more bills coming, especially if chemo is in our future, so please keep giving to and spreading the fundraiser.


And yes, the latter receipt just looked like that in my inbox, with unparsed non-breaking space codes and all.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid


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As a Linux user, my humble abode is positively scorching in the summer heat, as I refuse to open Windows.

Yesterday's walk in the sunshine with my walking group. I always love this stroll, i'm having a few days off work soon so I'll do a much longer version 😊
Check out 3.53mi Walk on Relive! relive.cc/view/vdORwD3LdK6

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Today's #Maille! New item! Necklace, Purple & Silver, Silver Waves Pendant! 18 inch Byzantine weave necklace in 18g 3/16" purple anodized aluminum over bright aluminum. Silvertone metal waves pendant. Lobster claw and stainless steel safety chain. #jewelry ko-fi.com/s/4d0968fb08

Selfie, eye contact 

I loved my earrings and pendant from @WanderingBeekeeper so much I coloured my hair to match 😁

A quick visit to a local (ish) Park today. I prefer the 1st one and @welshpixie prefers the 2nd.
I want to choose one for a local calendar competition, so which one do you lovely people prefer?

Took my niece's dogs for a stroll around Pontcanna fields in Cardiff on Thursday. They're adorable ❀

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