Ohh this one i like very much, its a redraw from the very first thing i drew after my 6 years art block, i'll post the original in the next toot. I think there is about one year gap between the two.

from 2021

in 2021 what i really wanted is to get closer to my characters, and you can see from the change in the framing that i am really trying hard to draw the characters a bit bigger lol 😭
we're now in 2022 and i'm finaly drawing characters with faces and poses and not hidden in landscapes and airplanes, i had to flex really hard though to get there woah, it's great to look back at that slow progress!

@leavt amazing! Love how the shading on the mountain adds to the overall dynamic

@jfml @sajan ooh yes i do love birds 🐤 💕
Just adding small animals in a drawing i love it

@leavt i don't know where all your inspiration comes from, but i'm getting Ghibli vibes from this one that makes me smile :-)

@leavt what a beautiful art style and a beautiful concept. love it.

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