Hi, my name is Lea, i'm 30 from France and i picked up trad media again a year ago or so after a huge art block. I'm exploring inks and watercolours trying to find my voice and style trhough illustrations about magic, clouds and airplanes, i will talk for hours about those topics 🛩️

Superbe les dessins, j'adore l'aéronautique et je pilote c'est quelques dessins m'ont interpellé. Tu as un site web où l'on peut en voir d'autres ?

@wallace merci! j'ai rajoute des links vers twitter et insta dans ma bio si tu veux :)

@leavt et tu peux aussi parler en français 😁 beau travail en tous cas. Bienvenue

@leavt It's beautiful, it reminds me Bob Maurane a lot ❤️

@alyve thank you! I never read Bob morane but I'll check it out 👀

Bienvenu !
Ton style ressort de ce que j’ai l’habitude de voir ici, c’est chouette !

Bienvenue ! Et j'en rajoute une couche : oui c'est très beau et très raffiné comme trait

@leavt Hey Lea, welcome to Mastodon! Your illustrations are beautiful - I love how much dynamic and kinetic they are despite the reduced approach. Mind if I follow?

@rostiger thank you very much! I'm happy if you follow 😊

@leavt do you have any books\stories which ignite your inspiration? Don't read this question as common "what inspires you", it's more about powerful literature which triggers creation

@alex27 actually yes! I first created this universe in my teens inspired by golden sun for magic and the final fantasy games for flying machines, then I brought it back during the pandemic inspired by avatar the last airbender (magic) and the Ghibli movies (flying machine ❤️), I love my influences and I'm glad they show in my work :)

@leavt thanks for answering. I will check them out for sure!

@leavt j'adore, passionné d'aéro et moi même pilote, je suis fan !!! ☺️🤗✈️

#AvGeek #Aviation #Avion #Pilote

@m1k3 merci ! Ça doit être trop cool d'être pilote 😍

@leavt There is a wonderful old school charm about these compositions. Well done ! 👍

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