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Little intro, my name is Léa (she/her), I draw with ink and recently started . I've been posting my lineart from the past two years but very recently started exploring colours so here are some fire studies!

I love drawing the elements, the atmosphere and all flying things.
My page is a safe place of expression for neurodiverse and LGTBQ+ identities, if you don't like it you should unfollow me but otherwise, let's discuss about art and stuff 💕💕💕

In january 2021, after fire and water, I worked on my ability to draw air stuff, like dust, cloud, wind and atmospheric phenomenons, it was quite hard i must admit, but here's two i liked. I grew up near the Pyrenées and spend my summers there as a child, those pointy mountains with impressive valleys and circus are still very clear in my memories so those are inspired from that.

Last one of 2020, I was very happy with this one as I thought I'd finally draw a character in a way that looked effortless and easy to read and connect with. Effortlessness and readability are the two things I've been working really hard to achieve those past 2 years. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought I came closer to it with this one so it gave me hope and motivation to keep drawing 😊

What is your art quest? What is it you are looking forward to acheive in your own style?

More from December 2020, studies of water effects and ice.

The first one is a fun sport popular in the early 20th century call skate sailing ⛸️
On the second one I tried to portray my OC Jasper, at the time I had a lot of diffulties to draw characters in close frame, I think it shows 😅
I hope I'm better now!

December 2020, the month of water 💧
I worked on my ability to render various watery effects and landscapes with just and cross-hatching
I love the last one which looks like it's just out of a movie 😀
For those, I used blue pen or a black fine liner and added a blue gradient in photoshop

i've reached more than 100 followers in a week, thank you so much! I feel a lot more supported here than on the bird app and i don't even do the hashtags right yet 😅
So here have a very recent sketch of my Jasper (aka Jazzy now in my head) that i don't think i'll post elsewhere as i do those as part of my character design process 😘

November 2020, i drew some more airplanes 🛩️
I love experimenting with cross hatching techniques back then!

November 2020
I started world building by drawing everyday from a self imposed prompt around fire 🔥
The goal was to find my esthetic, practice drawing fire effects and linearts.
Before even starting to write a script for a comic, it's important for me to know what I love to draw and what I want to be drawing for dozens, thousands of pages, you know.
I know I love epic elemental magic, but also it turned into steampunk /dieselpunk so now I can work on writing something with that 😅

I love that it's add free here, I can just take the time to look at every post in the local feed without scrolling like crazy so the adds don't catch my eyes

A little selection of inktober 2020 that got me back into drawing. It's very old but is still like them as they make me think of this time I found joy in drawing imaginary worlds again.
It's all colour pen on paper, photographed with my phone 😅
The prompts where "animals", "smoke" and "campfire"
The 3 of them picture very early designs of my Jonah who is a water wielder, a person born with water basically 💧

i'm going to start filling up my gallery here with illustrations of the begining of my current project.
It was inktober 2020 and i haven't drawn in years. I had a world full of magic and flying machines in my head to escape the pandemic and i used the inktober promps to lay it on paper. I haven't stopped drawing that universe since!

Hi, my name is Lea, i'm 30 from France and i picked up trad media again a year ago or so after a huge art block. I'm exploring inks and watercolours trying to find my voice and style trhough illustrations about magic, clouds and airplanes, i will talk for hours about those topics 🛩️

Hello, bonjour

bear with me while i figure this out, art will follow shortly


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