Let the experimentation begin!

Testing different inks to block print on silk. The Charbonnel Aqua wash is definitely sharper and cleaner, but I don't know how well it will hold up to washing. The Speedball fabric ink is designed to be washed later, but it's a bear to work with. I've learned I could also get some GAC-900 and mix it with acrylic paint to get something that will heat-set on fabric without messing up how it feels, but I'm a little put off by the fact it releases formaldehyde when heat setting... My workspace isn't exactly well ventilated...

Might be worth the risk if it means it'll survive what I'm going to put it through to marble it later.

mastodon.art/media/oXbfx79M2Qq mastodon.art/media/Z-ctILuSSyg

Stayed home sick today from work, but feeling more coherent this evening. I may have started using the floofy yarn in my Baa-ble hat (kitteh for scale. He's been playing nursemaid all day).


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Carved this for y'all!

*may have carved m'finger! Happy first annual Halloween! Yea, I realize I live on the least coast after all y'all are asleep but I started a new gig that kept my pina colada carving to late. …but Happy Halloween 🎃&🍍dreams!
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78 trick-or-treaters by 7:30. We had to turn out the lights because we ran out of candy. O.o


Having a bad couple days because of my computer. Time to chill and start another hat. This yarn is delicious.


So this happened today, on my month out of warranty Surface Pro 4.

The picture isn't blurry, it shakes up and down like I do when I have to much coffee since the last update. Support asked me to factory reset it, but say it's likely hardware.

Really? The update broke the hardware?

Anyone here manage to fix this problem? I've been searching forums and hello passes all morning, and nothing seems to work.


Weekly hike, back to Rocky Mountain. I didn't get enough sleep and was pretty hung over, but I made myself go. Glad I did.


Ok. 25 dye ready silk scarves. Detergent. Silk paint. Alum. Blocks for printing. Textile block ink. Resist. Might need more carrageenan, but it looks like I'm ready to start making printed and marbled scarves.



It got COOLD in the Park today. Worth every second.

My new down coat is unbelievably awesome.


More experiments in combining marbling and block printing. 😁

My alum got a little old so the paint didn't stick as well as it should, but I'm pleased with my little experiment.😁


I had to laugh when I saw this today. It got windy, and the pole is getting pushed over. Let's just park a truck next to it and hold it up. That looks safe. 😂😂😁


Put away the glasses, and went outside today. Sure, there's a "Winter Weather Warning". Pshaw. Yeah, it rained, snowed, sleeted, graupeled, and everything else you could think of. It was still awesome. So glad I went.

mastodon.art/media/UY4oKFV_Zlo mastodon.art/media/-zDry-KK0Aw mastodon.art/media/LcCvZXOykAn

Aah. I meant "splitting headache". Lol

No art today... Just enjoying reading without getting a spring headache... Reading glasses came in!

Now I just need to get a breaded chain to hang them around my neck and I can join the 40+club. 😂


Marbling and resist painting experiments. I'm pretty pleased that I only ruined one. I have found the right paper to use, anyway (the bird and octopus both have problems because the paper is too soft to withstand the abuse I put it though).

I'd like to use this along with some of my printmaking techniques to add another layer of texture to some of the pieces. mastodon.art/media/IVFYxXp-yMD mastodon.art/media/D8cNCHyLZ3q mastodon.art/media/jqWLTWOmAKu mastodon.art/media/v7DFZbiuouI

(Part 1 of 2)

Well damn it. The resist and the blue tape ripped the paper. Guess i need to try again on something more durable. 🤔

Do I know how to party on a Saturday night or what?


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