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Check out my brandnew webcomic, "Contra Chrome":


Subtitle: How ‘s browser became a threat to and .

Featuring Shoshana Zuboff, vegan Piranhas, and everything you ever wanted to know about but were afraid to ask!

Read and download for free – hope you like it! 😊

And if you do, please spread the word! :boost_ok:

@leah Excellent! I'm really impressed (as well as being shocked at the way people who still use Chrome are surveilled).

Only last weekend, I was urging someone IRL to abandon Chrome in favour of Firefox. I'll refer her to this to back up the points I was making.


This is so well done. Thank you for an amazing resource.

@leah Bug: Clicking the strip in page 1 takes me to a buggy version of page 2 which doesn't have any way of getting to page 3, where the strip isn't clickable, and only the first/last arrows are rendered.

Clicking the next arrow goes to a different version of page 2 that works properly.

@leah I'm taking that as an opportunity to read the original comic (which I was unaware of) and I like how the engineers are basically admitting their own incompetence at managing memory and rely on the OS to do the garbage collection by spawning a process for each tab. Which is both smart and a bit concerning.

@leah Also, good job on repurposing all the assets, it's very well done! And it's incredible how Scott's depiction of Pam Greene (the sole female figure in the comic) *does* look like Shoshana Zuboff! Good find, very neat this one.

(Although I worry that the original comic is CC-BY-NC-*ND* so you legally shouldn't be allowed to have derived it like that. But hey, I certainly won't complain)

@leah from page 2 it goes to page 7 and no more further. is that on purpose?


I had that too: it looks like a bug if you access page 2 from page 1 by clicking on page 1's comic page.
If you turn page with the button on the footer on page one to page two, then page 2 has buttons that goes to page 3.


@leah …for a second I wondered if you made the original comic, but no lmao
@leah also there's a very clear typo "leightweight" too on page 15 (not numbered)

and overall I think limiting the evils explicitly to "only" discrimination towards minorities (since it can make it sound like *those* and *only* those are minorities and/or are vulnerable) and Trump/BoJo (supporters) buying votes (so only one side does bad? wait you're accusing me of being a sheep? no YOU are the sheep yada yada), and small bits like the liberal joke or the BLM shirt, will severely limit who this message reaches to — as it's written, I don't think this will get on board anyone who *didn't* dislike Google tracking already, and won't be shared by those who agree but aren't (US/UK/German) leftists
@leah don't get me wrong, the idea is cute and otherwise well executed — but as it is, I'm not sure who this is supposed to educate, sadly (it can be fixed tho, at least if you agree there's something to be fixed)

@xerz @leah i agree, and i have absolutely no idea how to get through to people. all the anti-capitalists i have spoken to in close proximity to me are pretty happy using google for everything.

@leah Super Comic - sollte das auf Seite 21 nicht "über zwei Milliarden langsam kochelnden Fröschen" heißen statt nur zwei Millionen?

@leah Excellent! Well done.

I read and liked the original Scott McCloud comic when it came out, as I had read his Understanding Comics well before that.

You've tackled a challenging subject.

Questioning the authority of #Google is a tough thing to do, especially since people have been conditioned by "democratic societies" to trust government, technology and science authorities without question.

Your comic is valuable and I hope many people read it, think about it and switch to alternatives.

@leah Firefox developer here. This is incredible! Well done!

@leah Putting words in Scott McCloud's mouth is not cool.

@skybrian I get that, and it was a decision not made lightly.

Erasing McCloud would have erased the resposibility of the artist in society.

Not that he should have seen all that in 2008, when "dont be evil" seemed possible.

But after over a decade of workshops at Facebook and talks at "Chrome Convergence", still linking to his comic and still talking colleagues into switching to Chrome instead of Firefox, he is a part of that which I criticize, and a worthy narrator for my story.

@leah Quoting is fair use. Sure, hold him responsible for what he actually said.

But this isn't quoting, it's misquoting. It's lying about what he said.

Suppose someone made a comic with a fake interview with you where they pretend you said things supporting their political cause. How would you feel about that?

@skybrian You mean like in The Onion, Mad Magazine or every political newspaper cartoon ever published?

You give me far too much credit, I did neither invent parody nor satire.


It's more easily confused due to using literally the same art.

An easy fix would be to change the name. "Hi, I'm Scott McLoud."

(Not my idea, but I think it's a good one.)

@skybrian We agree that some kind of contrast or discontinuity would be helpful so as not to confuse this character with a self-depiction of Scott McCloud.

What you suggested on the level of language (McLoud) I established visually, as the character does not look at all like McCloud depicts himself in his numerous books.

It would have been easy to copy-paste him from there, or allude to that like e.g. Bryan Talbot did in his wonderful "Alice in Sunderland" (see picture).

I opted for contrast.

@leah @skybrian Yikes I literally thought Scott had changed his mind about Chrome and wrote this comic.

@leah Hi I'm not able to add your rss feed in Thunderbird. It says the feed is invalid (it seems it's strictly speaking valid but there are some issues).

@leah You opened my eyes... i knew chrome was tracking me, but I thought it was at mazda miata levels, not freight train with 65 cars level... :O

@capngloval Aptly put. And thanks so much for letting me know, I created this so people like you can make better-informed decisions now.


Thanks for making this informative, awesome comic :agoogleclap:

Sending it to all my friends and hope Contra Chrome will convince them to #DeleteGoogle !

Thanks for the suggestion :ablobgrin: On the contrary, we nudies are advocating for wider acceptance. Ditching chrome, but Webcam cover not needed :blobokhand:

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