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The Garden Path was featured today on the Media Indie Exchange MIX10 showcase!

You can watch the new footage below.

If you're around in ~1 hour you can join me and Fern for an art stream - I'll be working on various accessories for the player character. See you there!

Around in ~30 mins? I'll be streaming some art, chatting, and answering any questions. See you there!

Catch me in ~1 hour, I'll be going live and walking through what I've been working on since December.

See you there!

Going live for the year's last Garden Path stream. Will be drawing baubles and stars and more of that kind of thing. Festive cheer welcome.

"Evoked the deepest, most undescribable, strangely familiar feeling within me."

"Probably one of my favourite games of all time."

Some kind words that have been shared about Kingdom Ka over the years.

For the first time Pay-What-You-Want on itch.

I'll be going live in ~2 hours with the wonderful Crakie to go over the latest changes made in The Garden Path and working on some artwork while taking any Qs.

Hope to see you there!

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