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In case you missed The Garden Path at this year's Wholesome Direct, here's the footage!


Half an hour until this year's wholesome direct!

Pull up a chair if you're interested, lots of great games and some exclusive footage from The Garden Path to be shown πŸƒ


A surprise treasure arrived - made by my Mum!

I think she was eager to make the game's first fan-art - I reckon she got it pretty spot on Ok hand

It'll be by my desk as I work on the game from now on.

Small heads up that if you have Discord we have a 'The Garden Path' server as a place you can chat and ask any questions you might have. It's growing slowly but surely.

Swing by if you'd like.

The visuals go through varying stages of presence depending on use, so as to keep the game-view uncluttered.

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New silky smooth notification system I've been working on. Consolidates a number of information points throughout the game.

It's navigatable anytime using the D-Pad or Arrows Keys so long as you aren't using other UI elements.

The Garden Path is making its official announcement!

So proud to see how far it's come over the last years.

Check out the trailer and links below to learn more about the game and where I'll be taking it.

I've always been the type to be happy with the first attempt and move on. I think that's saved me time and some decision-paralysis in the long run, but I often forget that multiple attempts is an option.

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So many times I've got bogged down on an asset that I can't quite get to look quite right.

Starting from scratch feels like going backwards but I've learnt it's almost always the quickest way to get out the rut and produce a much better artwork.

The next is happening on June 12 at 1pm ET / 6pm BST. Can't wait! I hear there might be some gardening involved 🌿

More info on the site:

Just published the remixed/remastered soundtrack for Kingdom Ka.

It's free/name your price, and any support is appreciated!

I'll post some of my business work I'm particularly proud of from time to time, it helps bridge the silence -- I appreciate it's not why a lot of you follow me.

Enjoyed applying my free-time studies of environmental illustration to this one.

Generally trying to find a balance between making the existing world visually interesting to move through/explore while reserving the valuable and unusual plants for the player to discover and collect.

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