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Hey Mastodon, I'm looking to invest in some VSTs to help the soundtrack of The Garden Path sound as full and as cinematic as possible.

You can currently pick up both my adventure games for just a buck.

All the money will go towards The Garden Path soundtrack (apart from the 10% I choose to support with).


How do you like your fishing mini games served up?

I finally get my idea "settle" a bit, I still straggle to choose what color should I use, personally I'm more into dark colors and flat surfaces, thus my preference tends to be like "breeze dark" 😺, but I can see that in average people like colorful images thus the dilemma.

Anyway my previous and first set of wall paper felt a bit "dated", and I was looking for something flatter in either case.

Trying a darker and a lighter version of each 🙃

#kde #wallpaper #mastoart #inkscape #quiralta

My game pitch was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Life Love Game Design Challenge, an annual challenge to prevent Teen Dating Violence.
It's really thrilling but also a bit daunting to be honest!

I'm so far-gone from hearing birdsong outside that I keep thinking I left my game minimized.

Last night quick painting, wasn't meant to be more than a brush preset test then it actually came out as a painting 🙃

#Krita #illustration #mastoart #cycling #quiralta

I added sound to my game o:! I've never done that before, all my earlier games were completely silent. Right now it's just one random sound for one of the many different actions, but it WORKS, and I can add more sounds when I feel like it :D

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