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How do you like your fishing mini games served up?

I finally get my idea "settle" a bit, I still straggle to choose what color should I use, personally I'm more into dark colors and flat surfaces, thus my preference tends to be like "breeze dark" 😺, but I can see that in average people like colorful images thus the dilemma.

Anyway my previous and first set of wall paper felt a bit "dated", and I was looking for something flatter in either case.

Trying a darker and a lighter version of each 🙃

#kde #wallpaper #mastoart #inkscape #quiralta

My game pitch was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Life Love Game Design Challenge, an annual challenge to prevent Teen Dating Violence.
It's really thrilling but also a bit daunting to be honest!

I'm so far-gone from hearing birdsong outside that I keep thinking I left my game minimized.

Last night quick painting, wasn't meant to be more than a brush preset test then it actually came out as a painting 🙃

#Krita #illustration #mastoart #cycling #quiralta

I added sound to my game o:! I've never done that before, all my earlier games were completely silent. Right now it's just one random sound for one of the many different actions, but it WORKS, and I can add more sounds when I feel like it :D

A large part of my weekends is looking for a new desktop wallpaper and then not finding one.

Belated throwback. One of the few things I've ever sold was this poster to a stonehead some years ago.

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