By using two sprite layers, base and lighting, I can use code to change asset colours while maintaing some cool, two-tone colour depth for the shading.

Saves me exporting out dozens of different sprites!

@Clifford I'm a little embarassed it took me this long, it's making a world of difference.

Got a new monitor and I'm seeing colours I never seen.

@eishiya I appreciate the help, my blood pressure thanks you!

@eishiya Agreed. Fingers crossed the PSU is just incidental and not related.

@eishiya Yeah the top pin looks pretty melty(!) Hoping it's just debris or a dodgy cable. Planning a trip to the hardware store tomorrow morning just in case.

The plug from my PSU into my surge protector made some little popping noises and smelt faintly of burning when I turned on my surge protector (having been off at the wall for a while).

Terrified to turn anything on! Anyone know anything about this?

The hardest decoration to say goodbye to will always be the multicoloured bulbous blue rat with red eyes. 😔

@eishiya Thanks, and absolutely. It's great to see holding its own alongside the PC-store giants.

Exciting moment logging back in after the holidays to find 'Crossing to the Cold Valley' with a mention in PCGamer!

Update to an old design.

Hope you've all found the time to enjoy a mince pie.

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