@eishiya Thanks, I'm cautiously optimistic.

It'll definitely be all about balancing, in my head the value of each charge should be low enough that it wouldn't worth obessing over missed charges.

There's something wonderfully profound about a game I made to question existence being played by someone adopting the role of someone that exists only digitally. It's a whole other layer I would never have considered.

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Had another go at the waterfalls in my game. I couldn't get anything tile-based to look good enough, and last time, particles weren't performant enough.

Today I realised that if I make the particles *really big*, I can get away with way fewer of them while still keeping the flow visually dense.

Bunk is 's master brewer. Bring her any combination of herbs and spices and she'll be sure to bring out their best qualities over a rolling boil.

No stream tonight, will be back next week.

Take care out there!

Some recently published artworks I did for Bird on a Moon, a project encouraging girls to persue a curiosity in STEM subjects.

@deerbard When I started freelancing I had clients require me to use Toggl, which I still use now. I went about ~6 months using emac's orgmode, but it got messy quickly. I do wish there was desktop application I could use offline and manage myself, but Toggl works well enough for now.

I released my big pixel font under the Open Font License! 19k+ characters with full Hangul and good Chinese/Japanese support in addition to a hefty set of European characters.

It's meant for pixel art games to make localisation easier, but you're welcome to use it for anything you like.

Download the TTF file and view additional notes if you're curious:

@deerbard I've recorded timestamps of almost every productive minute I've spent for the last 5 years out of habit. When you see how much work time you actually get done in an hour vs. how much you think you've done, it's a big motivator, at least for me. Each year has been a big improvement on the last.

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