Just published the remixed/remastered soundtrack for Kingdom Ka.


It's free/name your price, and any support is appreciated!

I'll post some of my business work I'm particularly proud of from time to time, it helps bridge the silence -- I appreciate it's not why a lot of you follow me.

Enjoyed applying my free-time studies of environmental illustration to this one.

Generally trying to find a balance between making the existing world visually interesting to move through/explore while reserving the valuable and unusual plants for the player to discover and collect.

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Look forward to cleaning things up and hopefully releasing on my Bandcamp like I did with Cold Valley.

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Elated - just found the source files for Kingdom Ka's soundtrack which for over a year I thought had been lost to an accidentally deleted backup.

They were on an old clicking hard drive which I was about to wipe.

@Photorat Yeah, this is slowed down a few thousand times. New system for painting a more broadstroke picture of collisions across the map.

The presentation will be uneditted footage of me playing the initial ~10 minutes of the game as it is now - a first for the game!

I'll be sharing some of my thoughts and explaining the game along the way.

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