Bunk is 's master brewer. Bring her any combination of herbs and spices and she'll be sure to bring out their best qualities over a rolling boil.

Some recently published artworks I did for Bird on a Moon, a project encouraging girls to persue a curiosity in STEM subjects.

Very proud to have Kingdom Ka be a part of Itch.io's already immensely successful Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, alongside so many indie-greats.


Live stream in a couple hours! (UTC 4.30pm, 11:30am Central )

I'll be starting a new song for from scratch, and talking through my process.


See you there!

stream in 10 minutes!


I'll be working on in and and sharing my thoughts over the next 1~2 hours.

Any Qs, any advice, any requests - just message me here or on the chat.

See you there!

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