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Finally released my first ever game 'Crossing to the Cold Valley'. You can support me on itch.io, or you can always grab it for free at Carrot Cake Studios.

It's even cracking a Linux version for all you diehards.

carrotcakestudios.itch.io/cold mastodon.art/media/GowWEE8Cvj5

@ldurrant I just gave it a try and… wow. It has been a long time since I didn't had pleasure to play video game like that. The ambiance of the game is very… I don't know… immersive. Did you made it alone? All the graphism, music and coding parts?

@Bat Thanks for trying it, great to hear you liked it :D Can't take credit for much coding as I used an engine that did most of the hard work, but the writing, art and music is my own :)

@ldurrant This style is gorgeous. Hope to take a look see when I'm not at work.

@ldurrant Oh, my god, what a beautiful looking game! I just watched the trailer and it looks so sick! Any plans on releasing it on Steam? I don't mind buying it on itch.io, I'm just a Steam junkie lol.

@SweetsGlitch Glad you think so! Still finding my feet when it comes to games, and I feel Steam is a big step. A stage of my next release will be looking into a more commercial release for both games. Baby steps!

@ldurrant Gotcha! I literally know nothing about releasing games, so that's interesting to hear. Best of luck to you, btw! I can't wait to check out your game later today. ^_^

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