I'm about 50% happy with the way hills/cliffs look in the game.

While everything else seems quite rigid, the cliff art still seem a bit soupy.

I'm going to try making them visually more like staircases, so there's a visual reminder of their shape as your eye follows them down.

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It's tricky capturing that illusion of depth consistently, since the game isn't isometric or 3D.

The style only really 'works' because the natural world/characters/structures are all a little bit wonky.

If it was a sci-fi theme it would completely fall apart.

@ldurrant Just want to give some positive critical feedback, I think the game looks amazing! In this image I got the impression that it was a canyon and not a cliff going upwards. I think it might because of the texture of the cliff being quite strongly cutoff by the grass below. What I think would help for the perception of depth is some small bits of foliage at the base of the cliff creeping upwards from the grass below, if that is possible.

@BenjaminBrinckmann Thanks, I always appreciate feedback like this!

It's looking like bleeding the ground in with the earth is a good bet, the trouble is that it adds anything layer to the game that will need to adapt/change with the game's seasons.

Possible! Just could be an exponential time cost with each cliff asset.

@ldurrant Ah ja, that's true when it comes to foliage. I did see that you had placed some small rocks and pebbles that lay on the grass in the cliff asset. I think you could get that depth effect with some larger rocks on the grass but still part of the cliff asset. But also adding a bit of a staircase build up as you mentioned earlier will help.

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