In this week's report I reflect on drawing a new character every day for a month, what went right, and what went wrong.

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@ldurrant I'd love to read a post about the event system you've been working on! It's something I've been afraid to tackle myself.

@eishiya I wish it were more interesting! The long-short of it is that I figured I could execute pretty much anything from a JSON file using Godot's 'callv' function. The rest is just periodic checking if certain criteria is met.

@ldurrant Were there not functions you had to set up to call with callv() though? Or is it all built-in Godot stuff that you're calling? (I've not played with Godot very much myself.)

@eishiya Yeah, lots. I have a singleton for common functions and a singleton for global data that I use, and I call from those.

@ldurrant I think that would be interesting to read about~ ...for me at least. I guess not for the people who just want pretty art.

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