Think you'd enjoy set dressing The Garden Path? I'm currently looking for someone to help me do just that! 🌲 🌳

No coding or game development experience required. Looking for someone with an interest or an eye for natural environments, and moderate computer literacy.

Could be ideal for someone looking for their first game credit.

More info/how to apply

Boosts appreciated!

Art Stream in ~1 hour! You can join me discussing The Garden Path, and will be answering any questions you might have.

See you then!

Nice write up from Rock Paper Shotgun

"Laid back Animal Crossing-like The Garden Path has a super sweet demo for you to try and a fishing minigame actually I don't hate"

The demo is still available on Steam for another few days.

I've also introduced a new control scheme option that means you can navigate the UI and move the character with WASD, allowing you to play the game easily with one hand on keyboard.

Both this and mouse controls were big accessibility feedback points from the demo.

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One of the most frequent requests from the demo was to include mouse controls. It's working well, and for the most part was a morning's work.

And that's a wrap.

The Garden Path reached 152% of it's funding goal, and met it's second stretch goal in just the final moments - Local Multiplayer.

Thanks once again everyone who backed and spread the word. There's so much more to come.

It's the last 24 hours of the Kickstarter.

If you haven't had a chance yet, there's still time to try the demo, browse the rewards on offer, and help the game on its path to the Local Multiplayer stretch goal.

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If you're around tomorrow 7am PST / 10am EDT / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST then feel free catch me on Twitch for a Garden Path Art Stream.

I'll be focusing on accessories and equipment for the player and NPCs, as well as taking any questions about the game!

The Garden Path is a game I've been solo-developing since 2017.

It's a sandbox life-sim on Linux, developed on FOSS engine Godot.

Over the weekend the game hit it's highest milestone yet, receiving its full funding goal on Kickstarter.

Just a few days left on the campaign!

I'll be doing a stream later today (7am PST/ 9am CDT/ 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST), it'll be a low-key show and tell for what I've been working on behind the scenes, as well as answering any questions.

Should be good! Be great to see you there if you can!

We're already just around the corner from 75%!

My deepest thanks to everyone who has had the opportunity to back The Garden Path.

If you like what I do, now is still a great time to check out the campaign and learn more about the game.

Exciting news - in just under 5 hours The Garden Path Kickstarter will be going live!

There will be an early test demo build for anyone who want to give it a try, and look out for any bugs.

I'll also be streaming the demo on Twitch, talking about the game and taking any questions.

Hopefully see you there!

It's tricky capturing that illusion of depth consistently, since the game isn't isometric or 3D.

The style only really 'works' because the natural world/characters/structures are all a little bit wonky.

If it was a sci-fi theme it would completely fall apart.

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I'm about 50% happy with the way hills/cliffs look in the game.

While everything else seems quite rigid, the cliff art still seem a bit soupy.

I'm going to try making them visually more like staircases, so there's a visual reminder of their shape as your eye follows them down.

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