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Louis Durrant @ldurrant@mastodon.art

Kingdom Ka is a retelling of the world's oldest stories.

My final university project will be released at the end of this month with new scenes, characters and art to explore.

Here's the trailer --


to a scif-fi sitcom where everyone's legs are as tall as their heads, I think.


Finally finished editing my showreel, showcasing my best work of the last three years. Enjoy!


Crossing to the Cold Valley gets its first Let's Play, and I didn't even have to ask!


If you'd like to try it yourself, it's currently just $0.50 over at itch.io for the holidays :)


I've forgotten the names of all the other reindeer but that's okay because here's rudolf.


There's nothing REM can't fix. Nobody can listen to Stand and be in a bad mood.

So, I was finally able to play "Crossing to the Cold Valley" by @ldurrant! It's has beautiful visuals and music, and everyone should definitely go check it out!

Finally released my first ever game 'Crossing to the Cold Valley'. You can support me on itch.io, or you can always grab it for free at Carrot Cake Studios.

It's even cracking a Linux version for all you diehards.

carrotcakestudios.itch.io/cold mastodon.art/media/GowWEE8Cvj5

Next week I'm launching my very first game 'Crossing to the Cold Valley'.


This is a game I created as part of my degree over a year ago, and spent the last six months really bringing the artwork to life. It'll be short and sweet, but I'm really excited to see what people think.