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I'm going to miss tackling the prompts! But I'm sure I'll be back at it next year to continue the saga. Very much looking forward to following everyone else's great work throughout the season.

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For I thought I would change things up a bit -- To help with development, every day for the month I'll be posting for a new vegetable resident that will be unlockable in .

Moving through thick flora or growth now slows you down, making it more important to carve a way.

A little something for when you're looking for someone, or you've lost your way.

I thought the radial equipment menu was a little by-the-by so now each item tracks itself according to where it is on the player's backpack.

I've been developing 'The Garden Path' in for the last three years, and I think things are really starting to take shape.

Here's a new teaser for things to come.

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