I watched that video where a chef, enthusiast, and student all make meatballs, and they all rip into the student for adding oil to the boiling pasta water.

But then I just watched Ramsey pouring a whole load into his spaghetti water.

So which is it?

Kingdom Ka wasn't very well received by my tutors back when it was my final university project, so it's the best feeling in the world releasing it publicly and reading new comments like this, knowing I was able to take people exactly to the place where I wanted them to go.

Give this status a boost to help people know that I'm in a position to begin working on open source projects again.

That's logos, help with branding, website illustrations - completely free and freely licensed.

All I ask in return is to be treated like a human. Just shoot me a DM.

(Projects I choose to work on is at my own discretion)

Thanks! 👨‍🚀

This was inspired by me on weekends (it's funny because it isn't me on weekends)

Hey look I did the thing where you push the stick a little and you walk and then you push it a lot and you run.

Hello, friends ✨ I'm making a game called Aftertile
It's a soft, warm and comfy adventure with ghosts, simple stories and Buddhist vibes
You can support the project and become a character in the game

I hope you have a great week 💖
#mastogames #creativetoots #gamedev

I was getting increasingly doubtful of Medium as a blogging service for my devlog, so I'm happy to have migrated over to @write_as

It's looking pretty clean!


You can even technically follow the blog on the fediverse, although I'm not entirely sure of the use at this stage.


My first successful sourdough!

I've gone from no-knead, to yeasted, and now sourdough has been the biggest jump. Baked many a wonky loaf since the new year, but each time I've changed up my game and learnt a little more. Very proud of this one.

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