Hello all! I'm an illustrator and 2D mographer based in Belgium.

I'm interested in 2D animation, mograph, papercut art & various other stuffs.

FR/JP/EN speaking
Currently learning Dutch !

In this week's report, I take a brief look at picking the project back up in 2020, and making serious progress with the artwork.


By using two sprite layers, base and lighting, I can use code to change asset colours while maintaing some cool, two-tone colour depth for the shading.

Saves me exporting out dozens of different sprites!

Got a new monitor and I'm seeing colours I never seen.

The plug from my PSU into my surge protector made some little popping noises and smelt faintly of burning when I turned on my surge protector (having been off at the wall for a while).

Terrified to turn anything on! Anyone know anything about this?

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