Fourth (last for today) is the very infamous Tharja. I don't like Tharja, but she was requested and I knew I could do better!

Third one, Vika from Here the challenge was not medieval, but to make her fit in with the other characters more.

Second one, it's Lissa from I'm not as happy with this one art-wise as the first, but I still think the design is cute.

I took some requests to put my own stamp on other Fire Emblem characters! Here is the first: Cherche from

I draw one (1) girl and it's Lilina. I just really want IntSys to allow her to be pissed off. She has a lot to be angry about.

I'm still alive! Finalizing some costume design in Laero so the cultures are consistent. This would be a potential summer outfit for Kradhi.

Practicing some new coloring techniques with older Lilina and Sue. Some of it worked!

First week of 2018 has yielded 10,573 words! Not bad at all, even if lots of them are unusable. It's the habit that counts.

in 2018 writing either a ton in one day or not at all is OUT and writing at least a little every day is IN so today's word count is 1,540!

Also this! A friend told me to draw something old so I did some long dropped RP characters (last drawn 2009). Dante, Judgement (orange) and Retribution (white).

I realized I didn't actually put this up! Here are my Christmas Lesbians for 2017. Brynn Erin and Avalbane, side characters from one of my novels-in-progress!

My art summary for this year. I did pretty badly but at least I still drew a little.

Coming soon is a new cover and a print version, but for now my book The Ghost can still be found as an ebook:

No NaNo but I did hit 45,000 words in draft 5 of today. Hopefully soon it will be ready for the editor!

Congrats to everyone who did this month! I didn't do it this year, but I still remember what a rush it was to reach the end!

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