I'm currently into minimalistic art (at least for me) with as little supplies as I need, no extensive sketching and just have the goal of having fun and relax a bit while painting.

This one was painted in the toned paper sketchbook again using the monochrome graphite/chalks.

Playing with water soluble charcoal on toned watercolour paper.

Did you try something like that?

Good morning!

Unhappy news: the watercolour database is down for a few days due to an unanounced update on the server, which now leads to an error.

It will be fixed and we'll use it for an opportunity to improve.


Suse didn't last long. Reinstalling... Going back to Fedora and Gnome. Let's hope for the best and solutions to my impossible pc problems.

Painted this little bird illustration for a review.
The VanGogh paints are really nice student grade paints, but I'm not convinced by the colour selection in the Floral Pocket Box as it's weird for mixing.
At least the palette looks cute. ;)

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker, Sterling Heights, Michigan 6/2/2021

Originally thought the bird had a white stripe on its beak, but the photos reveal that it's some kind of insect.

#bird #birding #nature #photo

A few nights ago we had a full moon, that looked just amazing with all the clouds around. So I decided to paint it in my sketchbook.

Great Blue Herons, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

My Dad and I visited a Great Blue Heron Rookery, which is where the birds nest in a big colony. We counted 16 herons. They all looked about ready to leave the nest.

#bird #birding #nature #photo

Also for watercolour artists: the complete range of Sennelier l'Aquarelle were added to the watercolour database sunandcolors.com

The lightfastness test is in process. :)

Other updates are coming too!

Some people create amazing art... And then there's me doodling on watercolour splotches.

It turned into a postcard.

Fountain pen on watercolour.

I almost made it on time, creature is mostly done, the whole picture still misses some details and colors.

This will be the 5th creature for this year's calendar :)

Covid test negative again. Tomorrow I'll be free to roam the streets again and shop for myself! What a life!

(Aka quarantine is over.)


Last one of the simple ones comes with a video including the painting process of them all.

Me playing with paints continues.

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