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Hi, I make stickers and other small merch! Here are some links to places where you can support or contact me!
πŸ‘portfolio: link:
πŸ“patreon: link:
πŸ‰store: link:

[boost πŸ’– ] i'm opening up for some pokemon doodle commissions, check out my ko-fi page and gallery if you're interested!


did a super short one-shot with some friends! here's my new character, Nivali πŸ„

i frickn love promare and i love HIM!!!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀️😭

been toying around with an idea for a ! i think i'm gonna call her η§€θŠ Shuugiku 🌻

idiot sandwich sweatshirt is available for PRE-ORDERS until November 2nd, ships in December!

🍞 🍞

some more Phee outfit ideas! i just love dressing her up 🌟

it's been a slow week at work so i've been scribbling out some FE3H x kimetsu no yaiba crossovers haha βš”οΈ

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