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Posted this a while ago but I'm posting it again because it has a story to go with it now!
(mind the tags for the story)

"I will defeat you, king Worick, with my frost blast! FWOOOOOOOSH!


Yeah, mom, I'm okay. Don't come in!"

Tribute to Duval, the first of my heroes to die in the game Darkest Dungeon. I hope he's up there killing in heaven.

VERY mild blood 

It snowed where I live the other day, which never happens. Here's a snow drawing to go with it

blood, implied injury/suicide 

No one was sad (or surprised) to find the Captain dead one late afternoon. In fact, most were glad that they would no longer have to hear his sorrow cries through the night.

"Maybe I should... I mean the Captain told me if I needed to... Well... No, no, it's too late for this shit. He probably doesn't want me to bother him. It's not important, anyway."

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