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Have any questions? now exists! No login needed to ask, only to answer.

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New version = new bugs. Also fundraiser = more attention = more users = more bugs.

Here's a guide for bug reporting:

Reporting bugs on is suboptimal; "hey, anyone else have this issue" is fine, of course, but don't expect a solution from us if you don't also report the issue elsewhere (as in the guide). The Mastodon wrangler isn't a developer.

To celebrate the 4.2 release, we're having a 50% off sale of Digital Atelier tutorials and brushes, now at € 19,95!

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Lots of release stress today. We accidentally posted the release post this morning, so that's been unpublished and scheduled to tomorrow. But the rss feed entry already propegated to Linux news websites 😐

This on top of people who setup systems to watch the page, meaning there were a lot of shady download websites and linux distros who updated and tweeted Krita 4.2 was out already.

Like, it's floss, sure but our release notes just aren't ready yet 😩

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Roland Wooster, chairman of the VESA Display task group, showcases @krita as the only painting app in existence that supports HDR displays.

Weekly stats for week 20. (The adobe hubbub is really helping: website visits and downloads are up! So are bug reports, so the net fix number for this week is just 1

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The #kritachallenge Monthly Drawing Challenge of May 2019 is up now!

The challenge topic for this month is:

🛏️ cozy 🛏️

You can join the challenge in the KDE forum at

If you are not familiar with #krita yet, it is a free/libre drawing program with a lot of features and even animation support!
Check it out at!

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Got a great idea for a desktop wallpaper? Want to win a cool prize? Check out our KDE Plasma 5.16 wallpaper competition, bask in the admiration of hundreds of thousands of Plasma users, and win a Slimbook One computer.

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