Hi, I’m Kristina, a freelance illustrator with a focus on book illustration, history and fantasy inspired themes.

@kristinagehrmann These are amazing :O

Welcome to .art! There are a few posts pinned at the top of my profile with helpful info that you can have a look at, and also these:

Hashtags for discoverability:

Image descriptions for accessibility:

Have fun, and yell if you need help :D :bob_ross:

@kristinagehrmann Woow these look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and welcome :meow:

These are really beautiful pieces of art! I love your style!

@kristinagehrmann i got excited because I thought one of these pictures was of minoan crete. it isn't, but ancient greek illustrations like this, still awesome! :D

@elias might still draw Ancient Greek themes some time :) Thank you!


I like the black guy, the perspective for the others is a bit weird to me though.
I guess the one with the dragon lady is purposely chosen (and it works) but it makes for an image composition that's not ideal for my taste.

(I'm not saying that the perspective is badly done, but that it produces images that are a bit weird)

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