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Cover illustration for a board game, "Von Falkenberg", that was recently announced and will be soon published by Pegasus Spiele (Germany).

another older since there's a sunshower here right now i got reminded of it 😊

"The Ritual" - personal painting inspired by ancient roman interiors ❤
Medium: Photoshop and Wacom Intuos tablet

"Dido", a commissioned illustration of the legendary founder and queen of Carthage. I enjoyed researching artifacts and styles from Phoenician culture - lots of Greek, Syrian, Egyptian and other influences.
Also note the reference to the Trojan war in the wall paintings!

Hey , my name is Stella Spente, I'm an working mainly with gaming and book publishing, also done some comics. Favourite motives are Norse mythology and androids.

I've done work for Magic the Gathering, D&D, and Bonnier Publishing.

Here's a few recent pieces of mine.

Airship Pirate ✨ This illustration is a tarot card, "The World" for the Magical tarot project, which will eventually published by 78 Tarot.

Medium: Photoshop & Wacom Intuos, as always

Next person is the superb artist @kristinagehrmann , whose use of colour is one of my favourite things on the internet of art at the moment.

Ice cream container: For perfect texture and scoopability, let me stand 15 min at room temperature.

Me: lol no i want treat NOW! *proceeds to hack at solid hard ice cream with spoon for 15 min*

These illustrations were inspired by my love for medieval tapestry, patterns and texture ✨
Medium: Photoshop with Wacom Intuos tablet.

Hello there, I'm new around here so it's time for an ! :)

I'm Patricia, a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Germany. I especially love doing character-centric illustrations and do work for tabletop, board + video games, and other projects!💕

Nice to meet you all! 👋

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