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Hey folks! Wanted to offer if you're seeking a friend to art with, share ideas, etc. don't be afraid to reach out. I love hearing about OCs, exchanging art techniques--stuff like that. I really believe in the power of networking and encouraging healthy communication in communities. This is also especially true regarding LGBTIQ+ and those who struggle with health issues.

You can check out my feed/links and if any of interests or my personality resonates with you, DM anytime! ❤️

I can never find one I really like >.>

Damn.. I’m strongly daydreaming about having a drafting table one day to do my comics and art on.. a boy can dream

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@SueDraws had a beautiful idea, name 5-7 things that interests you, to find new people to connect!

so, for me it would be:


@Eskiworks Ah! So good to see you here, I've been a fan for a long time!

@guinan The amount of star trek goofs on mastodon PLEASES me.

A lot of is already written in YA story format, but I'm still working a LOT of it out before I truly put pen to paper for the comic.

A lot of what I will be posting here will be under the tag, which is a WIP webcomic / story. It's all high fantasy stuff about dragons and wizards and goblins and centaurs and shit, and it's pretty Queer As Hell. Follow for my progress, jump along for the ride!

My OT3 (not really), Dane, Tristan, and Flynn. Dane is a (failed) swordsman, Tristan is a necromancer, and Flynn is a dragon.

Hello! I'm kris! I'm gonna post some art now.


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