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Finally finished with revenges which means I can start cleaning out my bookmarks lol
attack on @kringle_c !

nothing is depressing me more than watching people play the new battle for bikini bottom like it took me months to finish sections of that game and these gamers are doing em under an hour like MAN i was not good at videogames as a child

tfw u realize the reason you cant draw noses is because your 6th grade homeroom teacher called yours ugly and you let it define your life 9 years later

btw yall who aint in socal count your lucky stars cause fireworks gave been going on in my area nonstop tor a good few months

like its not even political people are just bored

I ate in a dining room. I do not see the bliss in this.

β€” AlΓ₯th EdΓ«mtizΓΆt, Dwarven Child

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