The challenge seemed like a perfect way to break away from my usual palette! 30 min study, photo ref from unsplash

@mvanderheide ah thank you!! Being deliberate with where to add detail really helped :)

@kraaico Great mood in this; teal/orange contrast with a bit of warm grey-red is lovely!

@ckelsallpxls thank you!! Really enjoyed using these colors, even though I usually grativate to a more cheerful and light color palette :)

@kraaico Is... is that Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota?! I used to live near there and it looks so familiar!

@MLISrevenge HEY you know what I think it is!! Just grabbed a photo from unsplash, so fun to see people recognize it!!

@kraaico You did such a great job with the making the lighthouse and the rockface so recognizable! Amazing job! <3

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