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Hi folks! I don't have anything I'm currently working that I can stream, but I still do need to work on things >.< Hoping to having a great stream for you next week!

No stream tonight as I am in a Dragon Age RPG game tonight! Next week, it may be streamed, so I'll share that too.

My tiefling warlock Suri! You can view part of the process for this in the VODs on my Twitch. ( )

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I know since some people are staying inside as much as possible, there's this really great recipe by this lady who does FFXIV dishes on her youtube channel and I thought this one in particular might be easy for some people to make at home! (since it's simple)

I want to try it bc i'm a sucker for some spicy (or somewhat spicy) stews (i'd imagine you can replace the meat easily.)

(I hope this is the correct tag, I can repost it if it's not)

At 7PM CT, I'm streaming me finishing up the lineart and starting on coloring this pic of my tiefling warlock, Suri! Hope to see you there!

No stream tonight, I've got some stuff I have to take care of at home tonight. See yall next week!

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Ran into some technical issues, but I'll be starting shortly!

I'm going to be streaming randomly generated dnd character token headshots in my simpler style. Come check it out at 7pm CT!

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I've been immortalised in oils.

Artist is Ian Hinley

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When you're an ageing artist and need a new ergonomic device every year so that your body doesn't completely fall apart

Another commission complete! This one was so much fun and challenged me in so many great ways!

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set a reminder on your phone to flip your mattress every 90 days!

don't flip it over like a hamburger. instead spin it 180 degrees so that what was once the head of the bed is now the foot

this will increase the evenness of your mattress' wear and, thus, the life of your mattress!

(source: used to sell mattresses)

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WANDER is my project about a tiny magic robot named Wanderer, on a journey to recover his lost memories. You can read more about it here!

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I'll be streaming in about an hour, continuing the commission i was working on last week. Hope to see you there!

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