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Going to be playing Dishonored 2 in about an hour. This will be my first time playing it so hopefully I'm not terrible???

One down! Got this one complete during the stream too. Water genasi druid in 4b, requested by @rheall

Commissions are open!

you can see me make some characters based on this palette meme ( ) on my stream in about half an hour. hope to see you there!

I'm going to stream a little later and wanted to do the RPG char prompts so why not combine the two! Reply/Message me with a palette and a class and I'll make a character to go with it!

I'll be streaming here ( )

Commissions are open! You can view prices and terms in my caard (brand new!) Slots are limited.

boosts are much appreciated!

Black Princess Peach is super cute, but black Princess Zelda though 👀

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I really wanna make a (short) visual novel but I can't think of an idea for one that isn't related to my current mindset. Like I just wanna surround myself in ideas of romance, and fluff, and joy, and literally anything that isn't setting off my anxiety right now. But my anxiety won't let me think of anything else but my anxiety???????

Did I make OC best friends because I'm trying to channel my loneliness into something productive?....NAH!
Nona and Ezra suited up for a game

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