Another adventure in

Being someone who enjoys working with inks and the color black, the inking tools in (both default and custom) are every artist's dream!!! <3

A fanart of a dear friend's character "Alistair" from her webcomic:

If you're a lover of dogs/wolves and mystery, do check it out! You'll definitely enjoy it!

Where do I even begin? It's been a long time since I've last updated here. I really like mastodon. It's aesthetically pleasing and I love how I feel like there is nobody watching me here lol.
Feels good to be honest. I'll try harder to be regular in this secret corner of the internet 8D

More adventures!

Also a reminder that I have an art raffle going on at where may patrons have a chance to win a "free" commission! Draw date is near, November 28th! So sign up if intersted!



One of the few first test drawings on
Just playing around with brushes and trying to figure out the tools, which I'm very much in love with at long last!

It took me forever to get myself acquainted with this software. For some reason, I could not get myself to like it. Turns out it was it's cramped up UI that was turning me off. A little cleaning of the workspace helped out. It's still not the neatest out there but we get along now.


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