I want to draw things for the jp doujins hi events

a math rock band is coming from Taiwan and I want to go but why do they always come when I'll likely be physically half dead

@ossifog yeah, I like the blue too!

you like round leaves, may be get a pot of pilea? they are definitely not the same plant, but still have the round leaf on a skinny stalk effect ☺️

@ossifog @eecks thanks!!! I really wish I could buy that lotus plant so I can look at it all the time but it was huge!!!

@dirchansky I hope you eventually adjust! tablet and mouse conflict may be a wintab thing??? at least that is what I hear about all the time.

@swordjaw only the third one is some wild plant in the area that I snapped a photo of XD
the others are house plants hahaha

@scoots thanks!! I tried to blur out the plants in the back XD;

@PowersWithin things are already starting to wilt and I'll get no reference anymore lol

@dirchansky it looks like sally has a thing coming out of the eye 8D
how's the vertical mouse? I wondered about it too

@dirchansky @PowersWithin πŸ’€πŸ’€ why did you still stay late if things were cancelled

I'm going to be tabling at #canzine #Toronto on September 22 2018 with all of Love Love Hill's latest self-published zines/comics/books (more info/previews at store.lovelovehill.com)

Not sure if there are any other Torontonians here, but if so, please drop by~😊 It's happening at the Art Gallery of Ontario!

#comic #comics #zine

Living everyday worrying about racism and worrying about not being a good poc and confronting racism Show more

I wish I actually bought those tickets and could be like BYE I'M GOING TO OAKVILLE instead of dealing with this

A few people have asked me how the game dev is going and it feels like forever ago, but the game was released <30d ago.

Free-to-play visual novel feat. wushu, glasses, older men, animals, etc.! Pretty wholesome and created in 2mo for #yaoijam

Unlike most comic artists, I move on quickly to new projects πŸ˜…but this proj involved a lot of amazing ppl, so I hope you check out the game to see their work!!

#renpy #visualnovel #gamedev #game

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