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I actually got lazy with the left side of the street so I just left it mastodon.art/media/lpR6HsI5zss

I painted fish heads today
I should use up all the canvas and canvas paper I have
I haven't painted on oil forever, and I sort of forgot how oil paint works. the yellow one was when I began to remember mastodon.art/media/JF7NBkac7bK mastodon.art/media/4G3iE8W90TV

58. potya

I am somehow still drawing these since I'm running out of ideas but like I'm still drawing 🤔

I'm recognizing a type that I'm into...

I should try and draw more like this

55. the "squeeze" sfx is from Lambiel when he was doing a short video tutorial on spinning.

I should do more like this, as in draw while I watch figure skating. There's a lot of motions and foreshortening going on in skating. and then I can also pause on youtube LOL