The screenprinted postcard for this month!
You can subscribe for monthly postcard on my patreon!

I also just want to point out the octopuses glow under black light because I used ink for black light. :lies_down:

I am a printmaking artist, and I run a monthly postcard club on patreon. You can subscribe from the link below ๐Ÿ‘‡

I'm going to be at TCAF this weekend table 221!!!
You can preorder our comics on our site or come check them out at our table!!

I had so much problem screenprinting the covers yesterday but today I managed to make it happen.

I think I'll make this the default format of my books, since it is big enough to bind, but not so big that it is painful to collate.

I should consider not using such a painful approach though. Like stop screenprinting everything. but I like how it turned out.

anime fanarts of sekko boys. I'm just missing hermes. I'm not really getting the likeness but ehh

I feel accomplished tonight but my thumb is numb. still missing some details that I will add tomorrow and then I can draw more

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